I dont know why none of the women organizations have criticized the usage of the word "wife-swapping". This particular usage assumes that a woman is a man's possession and he can swap his woman, like a commodity, as per his wishes. I consider this as a great disrespect to women. I feel we should fight against banning this word and replacing this with a more respectable phrase like "criss-cross-partner-exchange" or "mutual-consent-partner-swapping" or anything like that ;)

What do you say?


  1. Raghu said...
    I don't think it is wise to underestimate the power and wisdom of women organizations :P . They might be planning to bring about a ban on the word "wife" itself because the dictionary meaning says "lawful spouse...etc." and it smacks of discrimination. Women today are "free", "liberated" and have the right to "enjoy every moment of their lives" (I think even Buddha failed to acheive this particular objective for sometime! hehe).
    We can expect a ban on the word "Wife" itself, thus invalidating all the terms associated with it..including wife-swapping. :D
    Anonymous said...
    nim ibrugoo..aa maadakke kelsa illadiroo women's organisations avrgoo...tale kettide!
    Anonymous said...
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