No blog posts from quite sometime, no videos recorded in a long long time. How to address both the issues? Record a video and share that on blog! Pretty good idea, no?


  1. mouna said...
    i loved the comparisons of the Pandavas and Yayati, and of course, namma Ganapati! :D

    just a question, are these traits limited to indians? i think not, not all of it though.
    Bit Hawk said...
    @mouna I dont really know if it is only Indians who do that. I think no other country would do to our extent. The main reason being, other countries (mainly west, I suppose) are not "social" like us to discuss and share so many things and compare. Also they believe in their own space and individuality (say in US, not everyone is asked why they did not take up engineering :D)
    mouna said...
    that would top the list easily :D
    and it definitely would in my case.

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