Independence Day

The traffic signals are abuzz with hawkers selling cheap plastic flags.
No one sells the yellow cleaning clothes this week. Metal badges of the tricolor are the flavor.

I am sure Pat Pat Pataaki Pallavi, Huchch Huchch Harsha and their ilk will have some stupid quiz on the radio as usual.
Sample - when did India get independence?
Option A: 3167 BC, B: 712 BC, C: 1947 AD. Send an SMS to *** and win goody bags.

That imbecile orkut acquaintance of yours will send that old forward, which you would have read at least a hundred times - dont we all know now that 36% of the NASA scientists are Indians and 38% of Microsoft employees are Indians? Dont be too surprised if you find Abhinav Bindra added towards the end of the mail - with a mismatched font.

The whole nation feels a sudden surge in patriotism this week thanks to Bindra. Majority of them (including me) who had no clue what a 10m Air Rifle means vigorously google it out to know what the hell that is - to avoid looking stupid if this topic comes up during coffee time conversations. As usual, everyone will start blaming cricket for anything wrong with any other sports in India.

Come next week, hawkers will be back to selling yellow cleaning clothes. And we will resume discussing if Sachin should retire or not.

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