Its a bright sunny morning. You start on a trip with your friends/colleagues. Its barely 10 mins since the vehicle started. Suddenly, A, with all the enthusiam in the world, comes up with an innovative idea that Antakshari be played. Suddenly, a bunch of people, probably less enthusiastic than A, but as stupid as A, agree to this great idea.
"Blah blah blah...blah blah blah...shuru karo antakshari...leke prabhu ka naam", the group utters these stupid lines.
B, sitting at the window seat frowns, feels utterly helpless and thinks for a moment if jumping off the running vehicle is a better option. Why Antakshari? Why not just talk? Why not dumb charades? Why not pull somebody's leg in the group, some interesting conversation or nice humor? Or some divine silence when looking out of the window? B has no answers!

If you resemble A, dont take the trouble of reading further and sending me hate mails.
If you empathise with B, you are not alone. Welcome to the tormented club!

I have always wondered how a game(?) like Antakshari could appeal to so many people. I am still searching for answers! Any Indian language has 50 odd letters. And any person with some liking for music will know atleast a 1000 songs. So, mathematically speaking, any person knows 20 songs starting with any letter. Whats so innovative in that? Anyone can play this for atleast 2 hours without running out of songs (thats the sad part!) There is no excitement, no twists-n-turns, no sense of unpredictability. Thank God, no one tried has Antakshari with English songs!

Someone from Team A sings a sad song, team B follows that up a pop song, which will be followed by a classical, then a hip-hop and so on. And on top of that, you cant stop clapping to the song just because you dont like that particular song. Stupid!

To me music is not just timepass. Music is very thematic. It sets up my mood. Though I listen to almost all kinds of music, I would never listen to a latino number when I am in the "Shishunala-Sharif-songs-theme" mood! I know people who have not yet closed their browser window might ask me to be cool, take things easy and not expect people to have a mad liking for music like I do. I agree, but somehow every time I catch a glimpse of Deewane-Parwane-Mastane on TV, and look at those pathetic faces in the audience clapping at this stupidity, I cant help but say...


I dont know why none of the women organizations have criticized the usage of the word "wife-swapping". This particular usage assumes that a woman is a man's possession and he can swap his woman, like a commodity, as per his wishes. I consider this as a great disrespect to women. I feel we should fight against banning this word and replacing this with a more respectable phrase like "criss-cross-partner-exchange" or "mutual-consent-partner-swapping" or anything like that ;)

What do you say?

You've Got Mail

Got this idea when I watched the movie "You've Got Mail". This is not a spoof per se, as that movie was quite good. Its just that I got this weird idea - well, I must say, its my version of "You've Got Mail".

Our heroine is X (as per the biological conventions and it also reduces typing effort) You can call her Kathlene Kelly. Or Pooja Malhotra, Simran Oberoi or Sonia Agarwal - if you are a huge bollywood fan and it suits your sensibilities.

Our hero is Y. Or Joe Fox. Or Raj Singhania, Vikram Chopra or Rahul Saxena or whatever.

X is a typical fun loving girl, taking life as it comes and living every moment (whatever that means!). She likes to tell that she loves travelling (to prove that she is passionate and fun loving) and her favorite book is "The Alchemist" just because it is one of those over-hyped books and gives you an "intellectual" image. She is considered beautiful because of her ability to carefully choose far far uglier girls as her friends!

Y is not your typical hero. If you have named him as Raj or Rahul, think again. It just does not suit him! He is the kind of guy who sees the whole world in 0 and 1. A computer geek. Networking genius. He is considered to have very poor social skills, while the fact is that people are reluctant to approach him. Thats expected when someone knows everything about IEEE 802.11 at a time when his peers are struggling to learn the formula for methane!

X and Y finish their PU and join the same engineering college. Y falls in love with X (thanks to her bad-looking friends). But, X hates Y, she thinks he is a bookworm, arrogant and boring. After a few unimportant scenes (or item numbers/songs if you are from Bollywood), X gets a dial-up connection at her home. After checking her mails and sending a few e-greetings to aquaintances (oh yes, having teddies, roses and a loud song too!),she enters the chat room!

She logs in as "brownie_chubby" (For those of you who are interested in the logic behind that id, brownie is her dog's name and chubby is her pet name) She sees a peculiar name called "lan80211". Whats this 80211? Well, it must be that he was born in 1980, on Feb 11. Wow, Aquarius! (The stupid girl has no idea about 802.11 and it happens to be our Y!)

They chat for a few days and become friends (or friends?) One day, they decide to meet at some place. She takes less than just a couple of hours to get dressed and reaches the meeting place. She is shocked to see Y standing there! Y, all the way knew that it was X (he had done some research on knowing her dog's name and pet name!)

X is convinced that the person who she was chatting with cannot be Y. She suspects that he hacked into that id. Whatever technical explanations that Y gives makes her suspect him even more. Y has no ways to prove that he is actually that person.

Not every love story has a happy ending. More so in the virtual world!

I dont know who made this statement, but how true it is! I have observed people's photos in their albums, messengers, blogs, orkut etc. And they say so much about that person. Here is an attempt to consolidate all those random thoughts.

Disclaimer : This theory, "Photo analysis" is intended to be complete non-sense. Any deviation from this or resemblance to any person snapped or unsnapped, is purely coincidental and unintentional!

No photo - There are many types of people belonging to this group. Vast majority are outright ugly and have very low self esteem. Some could be the secretive type, who don't open up to people. Very few are mysterious and love playing 'mind games'. Some schools of thinking place lazy people also in this group.

Close up photo - Most of these people are very confident about themselves(people who are looking into the camera). They love to be liked for the "person" they are. A small section(people who are looking away) are people who fear rejection. They would have agreed for a close up snap, even though they are not comfortable and end up looking away from the camera.

Backdrop photo - These people want you to know whats happening in their life. They consider that "person" and "events" are inseparable. People whose pictures are taken inside Colloseum, in front of eiffel towers, or skiing are undoubtedly this type.

Group photo - They don't have individuality and can easily be influenced. They like to be identified as part of a group and not as an individual.

Constantly changing photos - These people are very vibrant and are always "on the move". Some of them are addicted to attention and a compliment is the passport to their heart.

Unrelated photo - These people have the photo of some child, a mountain, a flower or a Hritik Roshan as their profile photo. These are the 'day dreamer' types. Many of them live in an illusionary world and think of themselves or aspire to be to what they have as their photo.

Most of the people belong to more than one group mentioned above. So, how do your photos look like? ;)

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