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What's in a name?

It took me a few minutes less today to complete SuDoKu, Kakuro and other puzzles in Bangalore Times. I still had another 10 mins to reach office. What to do? Read Bangalore Times, of course! We all know its a crappy paper, but we all read it (like the old people who crib and watch mega serials and soap operas!)

I expected to read some crappy article like - green is the 'in-color' this season or why pubs should be opened even after 11 or Mahima loves her dog more than her mom or why women are preferring metrosexual male to the ubersexual male or something like that. But, I was disappointed. Today's topic was about Bangalore being renamed to Bengalooru!

One college student was of the opinion that "ooru" would be like village name. Kid, the word for village is haLLi, if you care to know.
Some businessman suggested that government should concentrate on improving infrastructure than on these "silly" things. Mate, its as ridiculous as saying that you stop going …

...a quick single and thats...

He is on 49. The innings has been long. He is no specialist, but importantly he has managed to hung in there. Oh, he seizes the opportunity and scampers for a quick single...and thats 50!

No, I am not giving some cricket commentary. Its about my blog! And this is my 50th post :)

If somebody had told me an year back that I would be blogging, I would have told "You must be joking". Well, life has its own weird way of proving you wrong! And here I am writing this post when the entire country is busy bursting crackers.

The English classes in my PU days were mainly of two types - one is somehow escaping from getting caught by the teacher (My PU friends, remember A Meera?) and second is getting thrown out of the classroom. The reason? I hated writing on anything we were assigned. I always thought that writing was not my medium of expression and speech was far more effective in conveying what I wanted to.

But, my visit to Salt Lake City late last year forced me to open my blog. I h…

After a hectic week...

The last week was pretty hectic. We had our company's anniversary day and it was communicated to us just a week back. I was not even given a chance to say no for my performance. My work as such was pretty hectic. I was not getting any ideas. "about:blank"! I tried to do a sequel skit to the last year's "Munnabhai J2EE". It did not excite me at all. I could do a great spoof on Pulp Fiction. Nah, many people would not have heard about the movie, let alone appreciate the spoof. Finally, I started writing a skit about software companies taking underworld projects like supari killings and extortion. It came out okay on paper, it was kind of satirical comedy. A better actor would have pulled it off beautifully, but I was not at all confident.

I was running out of ideas, and more importantly I was running out of time. I was feeling pathetic. I love this phase, because most of the times, it is this phase that gives you different ideas. Just 3 days left, one of my fr…

Unwanted analysis!

I had been to Chamundi hills this saturday with my brother. We both love to observe people and do unwanted analysis and build imaginary theories or stories around that.

We stopped to take some rest near the 600-mark. A group of middle aged pot bellied uncles were arguing about who would reach the hill top if they started running now and some intense discussion about chicken curries. It got boring after a while and our attention turned towards two vehicles parked nearby. One was a scooty KA-09 EE-33 something. Other was a Kinetic Nova KA-09 EE-38 something.

We started doing our analysis with the minimal details that we had. The analysis made below are highly prone to inaccuracies, due to the lack of details.
Since the vehicles are scooty and nova, they must be the vehicles of two girls.Since scooty looks like an older registration, it must be of one of the friends - who must be confident among the two.The second girl had no intention of buying a vehicle. But, her friend would have co…