Unwanted analysis!

I had been to Chamundi hills this saturday with my brother. We both love to observe people and do unwanted analysis and build imaginary theories or stories around that.

We stopped to take some rest near the 600-mark. A group of middle aged pot bellied uncles were arguing about who would reach the hill top if they started running now and some intense discussion about chicken curries. It got boring after a while and our attention turned towards two vehicles parked nearby. One was a scooty KA-09 EE-33 something. Other was a Kinetic Nova KA-09 EE-38 something.

We started doing our analysis with the minimal details that we had. The analysis made below are highly prone to inaccuracies, due to the lack of details.

  • Since the vehicles are scooty and nova, they must be the vehicles of two girls.
  • Since scooty looks like an older registration, it must be of one of the friends - who must be confident among the two.
  • The second girl had no intention of buying a vehicle. But, her friend would have convinced her that she also needs a vehicle and her father might have also persuaded her into buying a vehicle.
  • Now, the second girl also wanted to buy scooty, but decided against it, as it would look like she is copying the first girl.
  • Also, the first girl would have suggested that a bigger vehicle like nova suits her better (what a nice and polite way of saying she's fat!)

We had enough of this analysis and start climbing. We forgot about those vehicles and our discussion turned towards music and irritating, repititive mail forwards. (Have you observed, that people who send irritating forwards are also the ones who mail very regularly! :D) Now, we reach K900 and settle down. A little away from us are sitting a guy, a girl wearing black planet X shirt and a short-haired girl wearing white shirt.
Now, for ease of typing, let me call them The Guy, Miss Black and Miss White. (There is no racial intent in this naming convention. Its a bit Tarantino-ish and saves some keystrokes)
Here are the facts:
  • The guy is on one of the sides.
  • Miss Black is next to him.
  • Miss White is next to Miss Black.
  • The distance between Miss White and Miss Black is almost twice the distance between The guy and Miss Black. (Almost looks like there are two entities, The guy-Miss Black combo and Miss White)

Now, the possibilites and the analysis.
  • From the final fact, the possibility that the guy and Miss White are a couple is zilch.
  • They all could be just friends and may be all this analysis is totally meaningless. But, such an assumption kills all the fun. So, let us ignore that ;)
  • Miss Black has the most irritating and shrill voice I have ever heard. On top of that, she tries to act cute and bubbly (Blame it on the Johars and Chopras!) And Miss White is actually quite beautiful and dignified. Any sane guy cannot be in love with Miss Black when there is a Miss White. But hey, we all know, most guys have terrible taste. So, the possibility of the guy in love with Miss Black cannot be ruled out!
  • With that assumption, how does Miss White fit into this whole thing? Could she be the guy's sister or cousin or friend? No way, no guy would bring along another person with him. She must be Miss Black's friend (Miss Black would have asked her to accompany her for security reasons and general advices!)
  • Miss Black bringing her friend means she is still in the "is-her-or-is-he-not" phase of her relationship with the guy.

Now, we started coming down the hill. We discuss a lot on the correctness of our theory. I wished to see the guy and Miss Black go in the same vehicle, which would have proved that my theory was right (because he would drop her at her home, which would mean that her parents know and they are okay!) But, the guy leaves on his bike and the girls leave in another vehicle. Miss Black and the guy may be just friends or in the alpha phase of their relationship. But, they are definitely not in the post-beta phase, I deduce finally.

With a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of victory even in defeat, I wonder why its the most stupid and unwanted things that brings us great joy.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Now u know why movies of Rajshree and Karen Johar are a hit... Unwanted things can be a lot of fun. One more analysis most funny things are unwanted :)
    - Aravind
    raghu said...
    Awesome man ........... u are too good ... keep it up
    avinash said...
    Vasu, Another possibility....

    The girls are very close friends ... (remember the cuddly bear that are shown in some video songs.. ;-) ).
    One of them has begun to like this new guy and suddenly decide to go to Chamundi hills.

    It so happens that the girls are the daughters of the two potbelly-uncles who had also (as fate goes or rather as my guess is giving the direction ;-) ) decided to go to Chamundi hills.

    The climax scene is ...
    the uncles get to meet their daughters on their way down the steps :-)
    Vinaya HS said...
    Nice time-pass.

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