After a hectic week...

The last week was pretty hectic. We had our company's anniversary day and it was communicated to us just a week back. I was not even given a chance to say no for my performance. My work as such was pretty hectic. I was not getting any ideas. "about:blank"! I tried to do a sequel skit to the last year's "Munnabhai J2EE". It did not excite me at all. I could do a great spoof on Pulp Fiction. Nah, many people would not have heard about the movie, let alone appreciate the spoof. Finally, I started writing a skit about software companies taking underworld projects like supari killings and extortion. It came out okay on paper, it was kind of satirical comedy. A better actor would have pulled it off beautifully, but I was not at all confident.

I was running out of ideas, and more importantly I was running out of time. I was feeling pathetic. I love this phase, because most of the times, it is this phase that gives you different ideas. Just 3 days left, one of my friends suggested to use the concept of multiple personality disorder. Wow! Thats what I was looking for, I guess! It was about an employee suffering from multiple personality disorder - what better way to mimic all your colleagues :D

Finally, I wrote the script within an hour. And I included one of my colleagues for one of the roles. We could practice just for 2 days. I was on the verge of insanity as I walked like one person, smiled like another and thought like yet another for 2 full days. Thank God, I did not get more time for practice!

The show went on pretty okay. But, I looked at the video and felt really bad about my performance. My body language was not at all good and I had screwed up the voice imitation also (Sad, I could have done it so well!) But, in the end, I was pretty happy that I no longer had to walk, talk, act like my colleagues.

Now, I am blissfully imitating Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Samuel L Jackson from the last 2 days. After a long time, I am feeling great!


  1. micromysore said...
    video upload maado youtube naage ..
    Venu said...
    as usual you are underestimating yourselves..

    give me the video, let me put it in my blog and submit the same to digg and get digged once atleast :D
    sandhya said...
    I was wondering why you were silent for a long I know...pls share the video.
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