• There are two reasons why this movie might run away with the worst movie of the year - one, obviously its horrendous and two, its terribly long.
  • During all the Hurman - Priyanka interactions, I was initially shocked by the amount of screen time Hurman's face was getting. Soon I realized that its because the camera was always behind Priyanka's almost bare back.
  • I was half expecting Joe Pesci to pop up from somewhere and yell - "Wanna know my raashee? I dont know, you should #&*$ing know. Tell me smart guy, whats your raashee? Whats your #&*$ing raashee? What the #&*$ is your #&*$ing raashee?" or something on those lines.
  • The greatest achievement is this movie proved that Bollywood can come up with 12 different names for a girl - yes, who was that idiot who said there are no names other than Pooja, Sanjana, Tina, Simran and Anjali.
  • 2-5-1-6-3-4 <-- Tarantino
        1-11-3-7-4-5-8-6-12-2-9-10 <-- Gowarikar
  • You must be thinking I am crazy to watch this movie. In full. Yes, I am! :)

Google Wave Down

Everyone in the world wants a Google Wave invite. 9 out of 10 have no clue why they want Wave in the first place (I am the eighth one in that ;) )
Its just the hype of limited invites that did the trick I guess - kind of online Macguffin.

Half an hour into using Wave, I feel that its like enhanced Google Docs with chat, having iGoogle interface. Not at all sure how its gonna be useful to me. The reason why I actually wrote this is not to "review" Wave, but to share something interesting. Like all beta products from Google, here is a nice error page. I could not find this image anywhere on the net, so I can proclaim like the 24/7 news channels - you saw this first here! :)


Late December 2007, one saturday evening.
Post-kanyaaveekshane talking round.
"I heard that you blog", was the very first thing she told me.
"Yes, how did you know?" (Have I become so big in blogosphere? - I had wondered)
"Uncle told me."
"Oh, is it?" (Half blushing and half expecting to hear that I have a great sense of humor :D)
Nothing so filmy happened. But then we started talking about blogs, we figured out that half of the blogs that I follow are her offline friends. So much for the global village and the spherical world.

After that I asked, "What are your hobbies?"
"Reading and writing" (What! Writing??? Not blogging, but writing! That sounded like an actual writer, and not like someone who woke up one day in 2005 and started blogging - aka me)
"Hmm, you have a blog?"
"No" (Another analogy I can think of is - photographers vs Digicam-owners :) )
If my memory serves me right, I had suggested to her that she should open a blog.

Exactly 9 days after that, we were "engaged" and for the first time, I happened to read one of her write-ups. I had told her again that she should open a blog.

"Engaged" became "Married" and I went on relentlessly pestering (she can vouch for how annoying I can get when I am at my tenacious best!) Finally she has hopped on to the blogosphere. I hope she finds time to write often. Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have...okay I will cut down the drama...here is the link to her blog:

Now I should somehow get my dad to start blogging! This one is not so easy, I tell ya!

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