Gaadi Slogans

Uncle Duty ge
Aunty Matinee ge

This is perhaps the first slogan I remember reading on the backside of an auto when I was young. I dont know why a married woman going to a movie in the afternoon, when her husband was at work seemed funny to my young mind, but it did. Now that I think of it, may be it was the unusual combination of "duty" and "matinee".

From then on, auto drivers have been a huge source of intrigue for me. The way they decorate their autos, their mannerisms, their failed love stories and the subsequent loss of faith in love, growing respect for parents after the failed love, the devotion towards their movie idols etc. To me, they are much more than people who often ask "10 rupees extra".

So, what was just a healthy curiosity has now turned into quite an ugly obsession. Clicking the photo of any nice slogan I come across on the road. If you see any guy in Bangalore weirdly driving his car, at the same time precariously balancing the mobile on the steering, you guessed it right, its me!

I do not want to clutter this blog, so I have opened a new blog. Its rather unimaginatively titled "Gaadi Slogans", for lack of available options, time and grey matter.
You can visit the blog here.

It will be business as usual in this blog. As you might have observed, the recession has affected the post frequency as well. Hopefully will be back in action soon.

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