I woke up at 9.00 AM on the saturday morning. Not yet done with the full quota of my sleep, I said to myself and went into the extraaa sleep. Then, I had this weird dream.

I am inside a very long house. Must have been constructed in a 20 x 2000 site! I suppose I am talking to a group of people I did not see very clearly. I feel very hungry and the people tell me that there is no food left in the house and I need to go to a nearby hotel. It takes me quite a long to reach the entrance of the house (the house was so long that the back door of the house cannot be seen from the entrance)

I try to wear my slippers and I see somebody has put anna-sambar inside my slippers. I sit down near the door and I try to clean up my slippers and realize that the amount of food in my slippers can feed at least three people. There are three kids sitting in a queue near the entrance of the door, the eldest one first and the youngest one last. Only the first two kids are having food and I realize that the youngest kid had put the food inside my slippers. A lady is sitting next to me, I cannot see her face. She is wearing a white sari with red spots and black lines on it (I got this figured out, this is inspired from Ingmar Bergman's Cries and Whispers!)

I take a close look at the kid. She has orange brown eyes. She is wearing a crumpled faded orange frock. The skin complexion is also very orangish. Overall, the kid looked like the brand ambassador of ubuntu. The lady calls the kid - "Anuloka". The kid comes running and hugs the lady. Anuloka! What a peculiar name is that. (I got this figured out too. I was discussing about Anoushka Shankar and Trilok Gurtu with a friend yesterday. May be Anuloka is a combo name of that!) "Hai Anuloka", I say and the kid smiles and the orange eyes glow.

I woke up. Its 11.30 AM!

Men In Blues

It was almost 3.00 AM. A series of lousy ads like Fit-kit biscuits, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's soul-mind garbage, Anda Khao-Haath thodo were being shown back to back. We, the devoted cricket lovers, were waiting to see the presentation ceremony of India-Srilanka match. We knew, we would be listening to the usual "We did not do what we were capable of", "things did not go our way" or "we were outplayed and outclassed in every department" crap! Its not the losing that hurt, but the way we lost - there was no pride, no commitment, no character. I remembered that old joke from Annie Hall. That two women were sitting in a restaurant. One says "the food here is pathetic". And the other says, "yeah, and in such small quantities". Thats how I felt about India's World Cup campaign - full of misery, suffering, unhappiness and its all over much too quickly.

All the channels were full of cricket analysis the next morning. One channel was running a SMS poll to decide who was responsible for the defeat. A - Sachin, B - Dravid, C - Dhoni, D - Chappell. Did anyone think we lost because we never play as a team? No way mate!
There was a scrollable message in some channel (is it called a ticker?) Harbhajan's mom says - "Team played well, but God was not with us". I wondered why Sehwag's mom did not say something like "Milk is very dilute nowadays" or Sachin's mom making a statement like "He did not take his full quota of fit-kit biscuits"!
Sharad Pawar was already making statements like Chappel may go and the need to get more youngsters into the team. Okay, agreed that he is the chairman of BCCI. But isn't there something called a selection committee? Dont you think there should be something more than knee-jerk reactions?
Angry "fans" were screaming their lungs out about how players were making millions from advertisements. It seemed like they were irritated more with the players' economic status than their performances (or the lack of it)

On a positive note, now that India is almost out of the World Cup, I can watch cricket more objectively (unless any Indian fans try to persuade God by doing homas, to help Bermuda beat Bangladesh)


Just a day before Ugadi, I remembered the conversation I had with my brother a few years ago. As you might know, we prepare Bevu-Bella on Ugadi day (Bevu means neem and Bella means jaggery) and its significance is that life is a mixture of joys and sorrows and we should accept both in the right spirit.

We had heard this explanation from childhood, so we thought of giving some new dimensions to this. Here are a few we came up with.
1) If you have eaten Bevu-Bella, you would know that jaggery gets dissolved instantly while the taste of neem lasts on your tongue for a long time. This denotes that joy is short lived and the bitterness or sorrow stays on with us for a long time.
2) Before eating Bevu-Bella, we get mentally prepared for the bitterness of the neem (and totally forget that there is also jaggery with it) This is how we look at life, don't we? Always scared of the bad things, apprehensive about the future, fear of losing - that we don't even realize that there were so many happy moments we let go by.
3) I wonder why it is named as Bevu-Bella and not Bella-Bevu. Is it the importance given to the sorrows? Or is it that we start with sorrows and end with joy? Don't know, but a good topic to think over!
4) Can your face be ever pleasing when you are eating Bevu-Bella? I have hardly seen any! That shows that we can hardly express our joys as strongly as we could express our griefs or bitterness. I failed to recollect any instance where I had expressed my joy with great intensity for a very long duration, but there have been many cases where I went on and on sulking, cribbing, complaining...

I am sure there must be many more explanations. Do you know any?

Heaven & Hell

Its yet another lousy friday evening. I am standing near the Corporation bus stop. So many people in there, which would make a claustrophobic person die twice in a minute. Lots of BTS buses pass by. Each one is hopelessly overcrowded. No auto driver is ready to come to Majestic. Friday and majestic, no way mate! I wish I could fly like those crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Should I somehow get onto the foot boards of one of those overcrowded buses? Somehow. What if my grip loosens and I fall down and die? Is it really a nice way to die? No! But, is dying due to suffocation and smoke worth it? Could not quite decide. Hell, this does not make any sense.

Suddenly, I see the bright red volvo with orange colored number lights on the other side of the road. I somehow manage my way in the sea of honking vehicles. "Majestic?" I ask the conductor and rush inside the red giant, not even bothering to wait for his affirmation. I look at the small TV next to the driver (an alternative for a mirror) and it brings a smile to my face. I sit down on the first seat and I see the dusky lady sitting behind in the reflection of the glass. She is wearing a faded light pinkish saree (I dont like the color, but it somehow suited her) She has a medium shortish hair, kind of asymmetric that reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter. The cool air from the AC hits my face. Asha Bhosle is singing one of her famous cabaret numbers on the radio. It feels like heaven. I realize that our whole perception of life and death, of heaven and hell is so superficial. Everything is so meaningless. I took one last look at the dusky lady as I get ready to get off the bus!

I read this topic on some blog and I have auto-tagged myself :)

1. Slow drinking I can eat pretty fast, but I cannot drink anything fast. Be it hot coffee, a milkshake or even plain water, I drink very slow. I drink in very small sips, as if I don't want to let those moments go. I take more stoppages in drinking a glass of water than Hugh Grant would take in talking a simple English sentence. One of my friends used to say, "You drink water with so much love"!

2. Repetitive Musical Disorder If I get obsessed with a song, I will listen to that song (in repeat mode), till I get over that obsession. "Careless Whisper" played for a week, "Preethiya Kare Keli" was around a fortnight and Prem Joshua took more than a month for me to come out of that obsession. I know, among all my weird qualities, this has been the most annoying to my friends.

3. Fear of dogs You know why I missed the award for the bravest man on the planet? Because of the existence of dogs on earth. Most of the times I see a dog on road, I would take out my bag from my shoulders to my hand to get ready to hit the dog if it tries to attack me. Some of my loudest shouts have been in the presence of dogs (May be dogs use the quotation - "Shouting men don't bite" - in their society)

4. Keyboard obsession I am obsessed with finding keyboard shortcuts for almost all applications (this is one of the important criteria for me liking any application) I can easily live without a mouse and I love to see that "wow-what-did-you-just-do" expression in people's eyes when I do something using keyboard shortcuts. To give a simple example, for closing a window, there are 3 mouse operations you can do - clicking on the 'x' on the rightmost corner, double clicking on the icon on the title bar, right clicking on title bar and choose the close option. But, there are 4 keyboard shortcuts as well - Alt + F4, Ctrl + W, Alt + F & C and my favorite and the most efficient is Alt + Space & C!

5. Inorganic growth I never do things gradually. I almost always have the passionate phase for everything. When I was 18, music to me was just 'Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast' and 'Yeh Kali Kali Aankhen'. The next two years were dominated by Rafi, Kishore, Asha, Lata, Hemanth. English songs were alien to me till 20 (excluding the songs with raunchy videos :D) and in two years I was almost familiar with everything from pop to soft rock to country. I hardly watched international cinema till the age of 26, but in the last 15 months I have watched a whopping 400 movies (and going strong!) Last year was totally world/new age music. This year so far has been total Hindustani classical (don't be surprised if I'd be giving some gnyan on ragas by this year end!)

6. I don't think I am so weird as to have a sixth weird quality ;) If you disagree, feel free to mention it in comments.
(Anonymous commenters, please mention your name while commenting. I don't mind being kicked, as long as I am aware of the owner to whom the leg belongs :D Any of you writing viruses or spam worms to comment, please leave a unique hexadecimal number :D)

Okay, now I tag Krupa, Vedu, Venu, Raghu, Vijay to write on the same topic about themselves.

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