I woke up at 9.00 AM on the saturday morning. Not yet done with the full quota of my sleep, I said to myself and went into the extraaa sleep. Then, I had this weird dream.

I am inside a very long house. Must have been constructed in a 20 x 2000 site! I suppose I am talking to a group of people I did not see very clearly. I feel very hungry and the people tell me that there is no food left in the house and I need to go to a nearby hotel. It takes me quite a long to reach the entrance of the house (the house was so long that the back door of the house cannot be seen from the entrance)

I try to wear my slippers and I see somebody has put anna-sambar inside my slippers. I sit down near the door and I try to clean up my slippers and realize that the amount of food in my slippers can feed at least three people. There are three kids sitting in a queue near the entrance of the door, the eldest one first and the youngest one last. Only the first two kids are having food and I realize that the youngest kid had put the food inside my slippers. A lady is sitting next to me, I cannot see her face. She is wearing a white sari with red spots and black lines on it (I got this figured out, this is inspired from Ingmar Bergman's Cries and Whispers!)

I take a close look at the kid. She has orange brown eyes. She is wearing a crumpled faded orange frock. The skin complexion is also very orangish. Overall, the kid looked like the brand ambassador of ubuntu. The lady calls the kid - "Anuloka". The kid comes running and hugs the lady. Anuloka! What a peculiar name is that. (I got this figured out too. I was discussing about Anoushka Shankar and Trilok Gurtu with a friend yesterday. May be Anuloka is a combo name of that!) "Hai Anuloka", I say and the kid smiles and the orange eyes glow.

I woke up. Its 11.30 AM!


  1. Raghu said...
    hehe..nice account!

    I get similar weird dreams too. Did you have a lot of oranges the previous day? :D
    Anonymous said...
    Aiyappa!now you can stop saying that I get weird dreams :D
    I think you are systematically going mad!
    rekha said...
    u must b so hungry to get such dreams,,,,had u not taken food?
    Anonymous said...
    my friend had a dream about me in a red sari i was the bride at a wedding!! wat does dat mean??

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