Six Weird Things About Me

I read this topic on some blog and I have auto-tagged myself :)

1. Slow drinking I can eat pretty fast, but I cannot drink anything fast. Be it hot coffee, a milkshake or even plain water, I drink very slow. I drink in very small sips, as if I don't want to let those moments go. I take more stoppages in drinking a glass of water than Hugh Grant would take in talking a simple English sentence. One of my friends used to say, "You drink water with so much love"!

2. Repetitive Musical Disorder If I get obsessed with a song, I will listen to that song (in repeat mode), till I get over that obsession. "Careless Whisper" played for a week, "Preethiya Kare Keli" was around a fortnight and Prem Joshua took more than a month for me to come out of that obsession. I know, among all my weird qualities, this has been the most annoying to my friends.

3. Fear of dogs You know why I missed the award for the bravest man on the planet? Because of the existence of dogs on earth. Most of the times I see a dog on road, I would take out my bag from my shoulders to my hand to get ready to hit the dog if it tries to attack me. Some of my loudest shouts have been in the presence of dogs (May be dogs use the quotation - "Shouting men don't bite" - in their society)

4. Keyboard obsession I am obsessed with finding keyboard shortcuts for almost all applications (this is one of the important criteria for me liking any application) I can easily live without a mouse and I love to see that "wow-what-did-you-just-do" expression in people's eyes when I do something using keyboard shortcuts. To give a simple example, for closing a window, there are 3 mouse operations you can do - clicking on the 'x' on the rightmost corner, double clicking on the icon on the title bar, right clicking on title bar and choose the close option. But, there are 4 keyboard shortcuts as well - Alt + F4, Ctrl + W, Alt + F & C and my favorite and the most efficient is Alt + Space & C!

5. Inorganic growth I never do things gradually. I almost always have the passionate phase for everything. When I was 18, music to me was just 'Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast' and 'Yeh Kali Kali Aankhen'. The next two years were dominated by Rafi, Kishore, Asha, Lata, Hemanth. English songs were alien to me till 20 (excluding the songs with raunchy videos :D) and in two years I was almost familiar with everything from pop to soft rock to country. I hardly watched international cinema till the age of 26, but in the last 15 months I have watched a whopping 400 movies (and going strong!) Last year was totally world/new age music. This year so far has been total Hindustani classical (don't be surprised if I'd be giving some gnyan on ragas by this year end!)

6. I don't think I am so weird as to have a sixth weird quality ;) If you disagree, feel free to mention it in comments.
(Anonymous commenters, please mention your name while commenting. I don't mind being kicked, as long as I am aware of the owner to whom the leg belongs :D Any of you writing viruses or spam worms to comment, please leave a unique hexadecimal number :D)

Okay, now I tag Krupa, Vedu, Venu, Raghu, Vijay to write on the same topic about themselves.


  1. micromysore said...
    just 5 :O
    Vedu Joshi said...
    2. Repititive musical disorder : same here

    3. Fear of dogs : justified

    4. Keyboard obsession : It is easier. Nothing weird :)

    Weird things which come to my mind about you...
    * Putting the old nib into a new refill and cleaning it as you write
    * unbelievable interest in talking :)
    * Your discipline in sorting and keeping your music in order!

    bere nenap bandre amel bareetini..

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