Heaven & Hell

Its yet another lousy friday evening. I am standing near the Corporation bus stop. So many people in there, which would make a claustrophobic person die twice in a minute. Lots of BTS buses pass by. Each one is hopelessly overcrowded. No auto driver is ready to come to Majestic. Friday and majestic, no way mate! I wish I could fly like those crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Should I somehow get onto the foot boards of one of those overcrowded buses? Somehow. What if my grip loosens and I fall down and die? Is it really a nice way to die? No! But, is dying due to suffocation and smoke worth it? Could not quite decide. Hell, this does not make any sense.

Suddenly, I see the bright red volvo with orange colored number lights on the other side of the road. I somehow manage my way in the sea of honking vehicles. "Majestic?" I ask the conductor and rush inside the red giant, not even bothering to wait for his affirmation. I look at the small TV next to the driver (an alternative for a mirror) and it brings a smile to my face. I sit down on the first seat and I see the dusky lady sitting behind in the reflection of the glass. She is wearing a faded light pinkish saree (I dont like the color, but it somehow suited her) She has a medium shortish hair, kind of asymmetric that reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter. The cool air from the AC hits my face. Asha Bhosle is singing one of her famous cabaret numbers on the radio. It feels like heaven. I realize that our whole perception of life and death, of heaven and hell is so superficial. Everything is so meaningless. I took one last look at the dusky lady as I get ready to get off the bus!


  1. Anonymous said...
    nanig artha aythane illa guru .. inond sala helu.

    Anonymous said...
    When I used to travel in BMTC bus for 3 months it was hell.But when I think of it...all the wierd people I got to see..the trouble was worth it!

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