Just Wondering...

I am just wondering if the buildings where the terrorist organizations are located have the checkpoints, metal detectors/bomb detectors and such stuff at the exit gate of the building...

Gulaal Music

The music of "Gulaal" is one of the best that has come out of Bollywood off late. I dont remember an album in the recent history in which I had loved all the songs so intensely. Each and every song is a gem! If only the movie was as good as the music...

The sad thing is, I will be least surprised if I dont hear the names Piyush Mishra, Rekha Bharadwaj or Rahul Ram in this year's award functions in music or lyrics category. That is how Bollywood is supposed to be, right?

You can listen to the songs here:

I am so bowled over by this album, I can go on and make a statement that if downloading mp3s were illegal in India, I would have run to the nearest music store and bought this album. Now, I will get back to listening the songs that are running in repeat mode.
Ranaji mhaare...

Read this hilarious news in, where else, but TOI today:
"Naomi Campbell looked stunning in Vikram Phadnis' saree"

Vikram Phadnis' saree? I am grinning ear to ear whenever I think of that line!


Q: "How does a south Indian bomb insult a north Indian bomb?"
A: By calling it a "bum" :)

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