What The #&*$ Is Your Raashee?

  • There are two reasons why this movie might run away with the worst movie of the year - one, obviously its horrendous and two, its terribly long.
  • During all the Hurman - Priyanka interactions, I was initially shocked by the amount of screen time Hurman's face was getting. Soon I realized that its because the camera was always behind Priyanka's almost bare back.
  • I was half expecting Joe Pesci to pop up from somewhere and yell - "Wanna know my raashee? I dont know, you should #&*$ing know. Tell me smart guy, whats your raashee? Whats your #&*$ing raashee? What the #&*$ is your #&*$ing raashee?" or something on those lines.
  • The greatest achievement is this movie proved that Bollywood can come up with 12 different names for a girl - yes, who was that idiot who said there are no names other than Pooja, Sanjana, Tina, Simran and Anjali.
  • 2-5-1-6-3-4 <-- Tarantino
        1-11-3-7-4-5-8-6-12-2-9-10 <-- Gowarikar
  • You must be thinking I am crazy to watch this movie. In full. Yes, I am! :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Even I am smart enough to keep away from this movie..what's wrong with you?!? ashtondu time idre waste maadakke...meet your cousins ;)
    Bit Hawk said...
    I may be smarter, but I am more self destructive too :D Remember I had watched "Muskaan" in theatre? Coming to meet you would have taken more than 3 hours 20 mins (not considering the fast forwarding of songs) :)
    Anonymous said...
    there was indeed a sanjana...don remember who of those 12..12 songs one song each rashi..thank gwad there r not 40 rashis........i fast fwded all songs. n still felt so heavy...12 times heavy..guy decides to se one gal per rashi to take imp decision of his life...never ever expected a movie like this from gow....!
    Soumia said...
    so would we be expecting you to comment on the movies main aur mrs khanna, london dreams , aladin or you have turned smarter movie wise?;)

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