...Leke Prabhu Ka Naam

Its a bright sunny morning. You start on a trip with your friends/colleagues. Its barely 10 mins since the vehicle started. Suddenly, A, with all the enthusiam in the world, comes up with an innovative idea that Antakshari be played. Suddenly, a bunch of people, probably less enthusiastic than A, but as stupid as A, agree to this great idea.
"Blah blah blah...blah blah blah...shuru karo antakshari...leke prabhu ka naam", the group utters these stupid lines.
B, sitting at the window seat frowns, feels utterly helpless and thinks for a moment if jumping off the running vehicle is a better option. Why Antakshari? Why not just talk? Why not dumb charades? Why not pull somebody's leg in the group, some interesting conversation or nice humor? Or some divine silence when looking out of the window? B has no answers!

If you resemble A, dont take the trouble of reading further and sending me hate mails.
If you empathise with B, you are not alone. Welcome to the tormented club!

I have always wondered how a game(?) like Antakshari could appeal to so many people. I am still searching for answers! Any Indian language has 50 odd letters. And any person with some liking for music will know atleast a 1000 songs. So, mathematically speaking, any person knows 20 songs starting with any letter. Whats so innovative in that? Anyone can play this for atleast 2 hours without running out of songs (thats the sad part!) There is no excitement, no twists-n-turns, no sense of unpredictability. Thank God, no one tried has Antakshari with English songs!

Someone from Team A sings a sad song, team B follows that up a pop song, which will be followed by a classical, then a hip-hop and so on. And on top of that, you cant stop clapping to the song just because you dont like that particular song. Stupid!

To me music is not just timepass. Music is very thematic. It sets up my mood. Though I listen to almost all kinds of music, I would never listen to a latino number when I am in the "Shishunala-Sharif-songs-theme" mood! I know people who have not yet closed their browser window might ask me to be cool, take things easy and not expect people to have a mad liking for music like I do. I agree, but somehow every time I catch a glimpse of Deewane-Parwane-Mastane on TV, and look at those pathetic faces in the audience clapping at this stupidity, I cant help but say...


  1. Raghu said...
    "Blah blah blah...blah blah blah...shuru karo antakshari...leke prabhu ka naam"
    LOL!! I had forgotten this. boot kalalli vaddhbidana ansatthe ivella kelidhre! hehe..

    Antakshari has to be banned! :D
    Anonymous said...
    As usual I dont agree!
    I dont agree that all games have to be intellectually stimulating...or should be unpredicatble..with lots of twist-n-turns..
    some games can be just fun...Antakshari is for all those people who like singing but are not very good at it.
    I am guilty of spending many joyous hours trying to think of old forgotten songs...to outwit the opposing team-
    you sing all the songs the opposing team is likely to know(like Kishore hits....SRK hits)then plunge into your collection of hemant kumar,Talat mehmood;
    There have been instances where i have had to use all my ingenuity and make up songs all on my own..and claim it was from Mithunda movie released in 1994 and starred Madhoo.

    If Antakshari is stupid...Bowling is stupid too...and a big list of games..which people consider fun.

    If you dont enjoy some game...it does not automatically make people who do...morons.They might be differently wired,thats it.
    There is a kind of fun in singing a song off-key and to wonder what the opposing team will sing next.

    And you really cant say..i like music any less than u do;so you cant insinuate that I am trying to defame the shrine of music by indulging in a silly game...

    And I can also argue that it improves your memory..but will let that be
    Anonymous said...
    The prev comment was by me

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