Summer of 2002

The alarm started ringing. Is it 10.00 AM? Is it 11? I opened my eyes slightly, just enough to see my black timex watch. Oh no, its already 11.50! Time to get up, not that I cant sleep more, but I would get more "lectures" from everyone if I sleep beyond 12.00. Lectures from the normal, "correct" people, who belong to "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" school of sleeping pattern.
But, I had slept at 4.00 yesterday night(or is it today morning)!
What was I doing, you must be wondering. I was playing FreeCell all night!!!

It was one of those days during summer of 2002. I had finished my graduation and waiting(or hoping?) for some company to take me. It was the dark period of IT industry(mine too! However, it was a great learning experience for an immature industry and a person even more immature). Not many companies were recruiting, that too freshers. Still, there were a few companies calling for interviews(making me visit Bangalore). I hated going to Bangalore. I was a typical Mysorean - lazy, unaggressive, laidback(I still am!) Every time the interview used to get over, I would rush back to Mysore, to my little room on top of the stairs!

The days in Mysore were almost the same. My mornings used to start at noon and the nights would end at dawn! I had breakfast on very few days. Lunch used to break my fast. After lunch, I would go back to my room(oh, how I loved that room).
I turned on my computer and queued some songs. I searched for "The Complete Reference : Java" by Herbert Schildt, from the pile of books and papers on my cot. I had read that book a couple of times, but started reading it again(I was bored to read it again, but I told myself "Read, read and stop not until you get a job")
The song was playing "Take it easy". What the hell does Don Henley know about recession? I opened winamp and queued some of Rafi's sad songs. "Yeh Raat Hai Pyaasi Pyaasi" I felt better. Atleast Rafi knows how bad the recession is!!!

I opened FreeCell. I had played that game more than all those Microsoft testers, who have tested that game. I used to play it very passionately(I still do) as if winning a game would solve all my problems. Rafi started one more of his pathos - "Rang Aur Noor Ki" (One of my favourites, I wanted to sing that song in my non-existent girlfriend's wedding!)

As long as I was with my computer, I was pretty happy. I loved my computer, because it never preached me how I should do a course on embedded systems, or how I would land up in a job very soon. I hated meeting the people. I hated their advices, their pity, their concern, understanding and love! Now, I know I did not hate anyone, but I hated myself(for being so lazy and taking things easier than Don Henley)

After a few visits to Bangalore, I felt less irritated. In fact, I had started liking it, the pace of the city was very addictive. I roamed around Bangalore, searching for a job. I got 100 xerox copies of my resume, as if to challenge Bangalore that you cannot leave me jobless for long! Finally, I got a job in Tarang, shifted permanently to Bangalore(read "permanently" as 5 days/week)

The boring afternoons playing FreeCell, and the depressing nights with Rafi's pathos had just ended!


  1. Avi said...
    Hi Vasu,

    Hmm aa time na neniskondre hengithu antha ansuthe!!
    No hope. Eshtondu written-tests/interviews attend maadiddvo gothilla. Aadre that period was really bad, waiting for some company to hire us.
    Glad that we are past that period and learnt through the experiences to have more hope!

    Bye bye.
    micromysore said...
    those were the golden days !!
    better were the .. time after CET .. total timepass
    Viji said...
    nice write vasu but i tend to
    agree with Madan...I have never had such a golden time..played cricket till i dropped dead with the likes of huchcha vishwas(GK) and lakshmi..
    after my engg, though i played an equal amount with the same company, there was something lurking at the back of my mind..ashtu niraaLa irallilla..:)

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