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I always wondered as to which was the most spammed mailbox. Is it yahoo mail? Or Gmail? Definitely not Hotmail (as it does not have enough space for normal mails at all :)) I have found out that, my physical mailbox at the apartment is the most spammed. Surprising?

I have not read the Internet spam mails in detail, but from whatever I know, they can be broadly classified into 2 categories - money power (low interest rates, great mortgage prices, win 10 million etc.) and muscle power ('enlargement' suggestions, v!agra etc.)

But, physical spam mails I get have much variety. And each day I get around 20 mails. Most of them dont even know who lives here and they start with "To the resident at apartment #...."

Here is the sample of a few mails I got.

  • "Have you seen me?" is my favorite. It will have the picture of a 10 year old chubby-cheeked girl who was lost in 1998. How are we supposed to recognize her now? She could have turned out into a shapely lass, losing all her baby fat. Or she just could have "blown out of proportion", who might look like a brand ambassador for Burger King's Triple Whopper burger!
  • This is from a restaurant called Rice King.

Open hours :- Mon-Thur : 11.00 am - 9.30 pm, Fri-Sat : 11.00 am - 9.30 pm

I did not understand the reason for not writing Mon-Sat : 11.00 am - 9.30 pm

  • "Chat in places you never dared to before", seems to be the new mantra of T-mobile 'Heaven on Earth' plan. I suspect that it is 'Heaven to Earth' plan, to beat the competition of life time sim cards.
  • Get the perfect WHITE smile! (just in time for the summer) - I had no clue as to what has white teeth got to do with summer.
  • "Ready to have a blast this summer?" The fat lady on the ad actually looks like exploding any time!
  • "Do you get heartburns?" If so, call us and if you get qualified for our research, you will be compensated for your time!
  • The majority ones are about best deals on shopping, varying in price range, but all the prices end with 99 cents. Most of them are from "Shop Wise" and "Smart Buys". Dont you think they are oxymorons? ;)

As I started carrying the huge pile of spam mails to the dustbin, I badly missed the "Empty Trash" feature that I have in my Yahoo mail!

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