It was 8.41 PM. I paused the Spanish movie I was watching. My mind tried to make one final attempt to trick me. It could not find an excuse - the weather was not cold, there was no rain, none of those possible excuses. Procrastination! What a beautiful word for the quality I hate the most. Nothing could stop me from swimming today, I said to myself.

The swimming pool in the apartment was open from Sunday, but I somehow kept on postponing (Yes, I even postpone the things I love the most) There were very few people in the pool. All the "sun-desperate" people had left. After taking shower, I dived into the pool. Water has so much life. I bet, you cant feel depressed there. Aah water! There are very few things that can make me more happy than being in water. I know, all those Linda Goodman followers will say that me being a Cancerian is the sole reason for that!

The pool was quite small, may be 40 ft length and 20 ft breadth. I finished to and fro journey of the breadth. And I was floating on my back. The grey clear skies, a bird on a delayed return to home...serenity. A loud kid started screaming, as if determined to ruin my enjoyable late evening. Then, I covered the length and stopped a while in the middle, when I heard a voice.

"Its pretty cold here, eh", the man was almost shivering.

"No, if you stop swimming, you will feel cold. Keep swimming, you will be fine", I said, passing on the gyaan that my swimming coach had given me long time back.

I swam for a few more minutes. The Gods, I don't know even exist, seemed to listen to my prayers. The loud kid left the pool. I lay there floating on my back, all alone in the pool. Time ceased to exist. All I could listen to was the sound of water waves generated by the beating of my legs. A thousand incoherent thoughts running in my head, which surprisingly, seemed to make absolute sense!

Back into the apartment, with smell of chlorine and a sense of accomplishment, I started thinking of ways to trick my mind not to skip swimming again tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Amazing read!I count this among your best..the feeling is so raw..The love of a crab for water is beautifully expressed ;)
    Shesh said...
    Swimming is one of my favorite things too. Especially in river water. I vist Balmuri quite often!

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