Pimple Theory

(Late evening discussion at my home on sunday)
"You have got a pimple, anna", exclaimed a friend of mine.
"Somebody has a crush on you!"
"Really? This is the first time I am hearing this theory"
"Yeah, you did not know about it?"
"No, I am getting pimples from more than 10 years. I never realized who all those people were", I started laughing.

What started out as casual talk soon turned out into serious discussion. I was proposing theories, building stories around it.

Okay, lets assume that the pimple-crush connection is right. But, whats the use? We will never know who the person is. Its like getting missed calls in old phones which don't have caller ids!

May be there should have been ids associated with pimples. Then, it would have helped the crushee recognize the crusher (is that the right word? ;)) Nobody there calls this pathetic joke of mine as a pathetic one. They are such nice people!

Okay, this theory sounds very profound. Lets assume that some person has a very clean (?!) face, I mean without pimples. So, such people will be liked and they will be the crushees. So, as soon as the crushers start increasing, more and more pimples will come up. As the pimples grow in number, crushes starts reducing, thereby reducing the pimples(very similar to the demand-supply-price funda) After sometime, the pimple density reaches a constant which is called 'p'.

Lets assume that somebody having a crush on me is the cause of the pimple on my face. Now, I will apply some very good ointment and the pimple will be gone in a few hours. And some girl in some part of this planet will be left wondering, "Come on, what was I thinking a few minutes back? Oh, I completely forgot" :))

"Aunty, how do you tolerate your son?", my friend (who by then, was totally shocked by my theories) was asking my mom.
I decided to give everyone a break and got up to get a second round of evening snacks.


  1. Vedu Joshi said...
    I started commenting, but i made a post of it...here

    Avinash said...

    Pimple bandide andre crush ide antha helidre, pimple jaasthi barakke shuru aaythandre kashta padovru yaaru ? ;-)
    Nange hostelnalliddaaga aagidda ondu incident gnaapaka banthu.
    Hostel hindgade ond field itthu, alli koothidde. Iddakkiddange summaru 4-5 ft dooradalli ondu elaneeru bitthu. Idanna obbarige helthiddaage avru helthaare, elaneeru yaara thale meloo bilalla antha. Adakke avrige kelide "Adanna confirm aagi henge heltheera, adu yaara thale mele biddirutho avru baduki ulidirbekalla" antha ;-)).

    Olle pimple kathe :-))
    Raghu said...
    LOL!! sakkath theory! :D

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