On The Same Page

"Hey Pinky baby, Mama told me that you did some great painting today at school" , said papa as he entered the room with his brown suitcase late that night.
"Yeah papa", smiled Pinky, obviously happy for the recognition she was getting. Pinky, the 6-year old was wearing a baby pink skirt. She had two short pony tails that made her look like a mickey mouse with a normal nose.
"Good, so what did your teacher say?"
"Very good". She smiled, as if a smile represented the end of a sentence.
"So what did you paint today?"
"I painted a...a..."
"I got it. I know you are not into too much abstract or symbolism. You must have done something representational. Was it a scenery?"
"Yes. I painted one hill, one river, one sun...", she was interrupted by the over-enthusiastic papa.
"I know sweety, it must be as wonderful as Koppelaar's 'Landscape Near Bologna'. Your last year painting of your school was very similar to Picasso 'Guernica', you know that?"
"Papa, I also painted you and mama. I painted you in blue color and mama in red"
"Thats fine baby. It does not really matter. What matters is how you use the shade, the tone, the intensity, the nuances. I bet your painting was as beautiful as a Monet. I am proud of you Pinky", he hugged and gave her a kiss.

Pinky did not understand most of what her papa said. She also realized, at that instant, that her papa did not even bother to listen to what she wanted to say. He was just imagining things. But, she was happy that her papa was happy (for whatever reasons) She wanted that to remain as it is. She smiled for one last time and went to bed.

(Inspired by the conversation between a project manager and a client! :))


  1. Anonymous said...
    aiyyo!when did you learn so much about paintings?I didnt even give you credit for knowing about Monet ;)

    But what I like best about the story is its inspiration;)
    Anonymous said...
    for ur assistance
    Pinky = PM
    Father = Client
    Raghu said...
    hehehe...super! :)

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