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Its been almost an year and a half since I started this blog. I always felt that writing as such is a difficult job. I was wrong. Getting the right template for the blog is THE toughest job!

Many of my friends had told me that they did not like the black template I had on my blog. Nobody had explicitly told me that they liked it. So, I would assume that a majority did not like it. Well, first of all, I had failed to get THE template for my blog. Most of them were too dull or too pinkish or too jazzy for my comfort. And some fonts and some layouts just did not appeal to me. The black had seemed the most acceptable at that time. One, not many people used black, so it gave a sense of uniqueness to my blog ;) Two, since I browse late at nights with lights off, a page with a dark background was less strenuous to the eyes (I used to do a Ctrl-A to highlight any word document before reading!)

I have been thinking of changing the template from quite some time. Yesterday, I succeeded in fighting off my laziness and doing it! Though the settings page in blogger is much advanced now, I had as much difficulty in finding the right template again. Pinks and greens were ruled out. Some templates had the posts on the right and profile information on the left. No, I cant be 'left', I am always 'right' - I said to myself and ignored those templates. I would have loved the have the stretched page layouts (My posts are often accused to be too long. So, I had thought that wide posts would be welcome for a change!) But, again the color, font, layout combination was too difficult to get. Well, finally I settled for this "Rounders 2" template. I think I am settling with this for sometime, till Google comes up with real good templates. And for anyone using Google Reader to read blogs, well, the world does not change.


  1. Venu said...
    I would rather see you using wordpress on vasukir.com. And you do have a loooot of nice templates/themes for wordpress.

    By the way I didn't get the last line. Are you publishing full feeds. I am seeing partial feeds for some time now and everytime i have to open the post in the browser.
    Venu said...
    and one more suggestion. I peeked into the source of your blog page and you seem to be using only easyhitcounter !!

    You should definitely signup for google analytics and track your readers :)
    Bit Hawk said...
    I am not sure how much of an effort it is to transfer all my existing posts and comments to wordpress (if its possible in the first place) So I will stick with blogger for the time being I guess.

    Sorry my feed was just partial, I have changed it to Full.

    I do use Google Analytics, though I dont use it in too much detail other than finding the number of hits! I wish I had your passion when it comes to maintaining a blog :)
    bellur said...
    agree with you that selecting a good template is tough.
    black text on white background is anyday easier to the eye than white text on black background. this template looks good.
    take care

    ps: you have been blogrolled
    Bit Hawk said...
    Thanks for blogrolling me!
    Anonymous said...
    This new Template is good , but anyday Black is favourite colour.
    Take care.

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