Moral Story

The dark lady was sitting on a chair in the opposite row. Next to her was an innocent kid in weird red pants. Must have been her son I guess. He had a story book in his hand. The book did not have many pages and each page had a colorful picture with a sentence describing the story. The lady was translating the story into Kannada, which the kid listened to with astonished look on his face. The story was something like this:
Peter (looked like a small bear or rabbit or some animal - could not figure out properly from a distance) was strolling around near the forest.
Peter stopped for a moment as he saw a car parked there.
He thought for a while and approached the car.
He noticed that the car was unlocked.
He got into the car and turned it on.
He pressed the accelerator as the car sped away.
As he was going down the road, he tried to apply the brakes.
The brakes did not work and he panicked.
He shouted "Help, help" out of desperation.
Finally, he jumped out of the car and fell on a teal's nest.
The angry teal stung him with his beak many times.
Peter got lot of wounds on his body.
He went into the forest crying.

Moral of the story? Stealing is bad!

It was one of the most weird and hopeless, yet amusing story I had ever heard. The book name was "Peter stole a car" or something like that. Aesop must have shifted uncomfortably in his grave!


  1. krupa said...
    Very weird story!The quality of story telling is definitely going down!
    December Stud said...
    I am laughing out loud.....that was one damn story...:)
    Soumia said...
    Oh this moral story is different and better than many boring fairy pink tales.
    parijata said...
    In our First PUC, I think, we had the story of the story of a young girl, who had won medals for good behavior and cleanliness and punctuality (I think). The girl wandered in a park at dusk, and a wolf was prowling around. Her spotless white dress and her tinkling medals gave her away and the wolf ate her.

    After narrating this story, the protagonist says that this story could engage the children better than the goody-goody stories their grandma was telling them. Well, it's true, isn't it?
    Mysorean said...
    Be careful with this story. The news channels might want to put it up on their scrollers! :D
    mouna said...
    some moral story. and we have books which tell such stories. somebody save us.
    Bit Hawk said...
    You are right!

    It was amusing though very unimaginative!

    Yes, this had a sense of unexpectedness about it!

    I think it was a story that was told especially for American kids!

    I would prefer such weird stories anyday to what Aish and Abhi ate for breakfast!

    It looked a weird story to me, but the kid was so attentive while listening to this.

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