I Have A Dream

Many guys dream of becoming pilots and many girls of becoming air hostesses when they are kids. Thats what I have heard. At least from so many movie stars. But, I was a different kid. I never wanted to be a pilot. In fact, I never wanted to be anything. I was happy spending long hours looking at my fishes photo book or drawing using my sketch pen set with 12 colors.

Even when I was in high school, I did not know what I wanted to become. But, I could realize that not knowing an answer was looked upon with contempt. So at some point in time, I was giving the answer as "I want to do IAS in future". Till today, I have no clue why I gave that answer. A country as screwed up as ours definitely did not need an IAS officer like me. But seriously, I wish I had the guts to do an anti-Luther King and proclaim - "I dont have a dream"!

After the PU, it was the usual medical or engineering question that was posed by the people. When you are quite decent in your studies and when you are not exceptional in anything else, you are forced to give an answer to that. Medical was out of question for me. First of all, I was not good at Biology. Second, my parents had this inherent fear that I would walk out of a critical operation and start flicking TV channels. My parents thought it would amount to mass genocide, though some differed in their view that it could have been an effective method to control population explosion.

And as the saying goes "Kuchh nahin toh engineer ban jaayega" I ended up being a software engineer. Even here, I did not have any big dreams, never like I wanted to be 'this' at some stage in my life. But, it was in Sun Tech Days, I realized that I wanted to be 'this' at some stage in my life. Evangelist! I liked the sound of it. If anyone asks you "Which project you are working in?", you can answer "Project? Me? Kidding? I am an evangelist" I dont work, I keep trying out new stuff, writing opinions, blogging on the latest trends, going to tech conferences and talk about things that will be conveniently ignored by the techies who come there only to burn some company money. And the best thing is, there is no deadline, no deliverable, no accountability! It sounded damn cool!

Too many miles traveled in the memory lane. Just to say that my dream was in a vague way fulfilled when my article on "The future is IT" was sent to Data Quest and it has been published! The original painfully long article has been reduced to a short paragraph. Here is the link:

Hail the evangelist!


  1. Anonymous said...
    going down the memory lane somethings seem to be same to same.. the only difference is First I wanted to be a doc, then an Engg ;) there was no third option in my dictionary :) and now when i think of my future ; my daad wants meto prepare for IAS and my mom for MBA :D
    i think not much has changed for me...kudos to you for finding Evangalism ;B
    Ubermensch said...
    I understand. You remmeebr the media interview pass 10th- What idiots we were; I remember explaining to the first journo that I dont know what to do whcih led into complicated questions. From then on it was IIT which was Raykars reply.

    Thankfully within 1 year I realised what I wanted to do.
    Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...
    Now it's only a matter of time before you have your own TV channel, a la Jerry Falwell, and are collecting donations.

    Come one,
    come all,
    donate liberally,
    to the 900 club of Vasuki! :P

    Seriously, congrats.

    krupa said...
    Spunky Monkey said...
    Ah, you spake the story of all our lives. But I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. You know how kids can be stoopid. I was one too, that is my only explanation.

    And, congrats!
    parijata said...
    Serendipity said...
    Ooo La La m we have arrived have we :)
    Congrats :)

    Tell you what , I wanted to be an engine driver
    option 2 was a bus conductor , I used to love looking at multi colored tickets , even used to practice licking my thumb and flicking a ticket.
    Well what do you know , software engineering it turned out to be!
    Madhuri said...
    Congrats! So are we going to see more tech trends on your blog now?
    I loved the idea of an anti-Luther. If you didn't take it up, I think I will. Thank God I was born in India where it is alright to not have a dream and take the trodden path. Else I wouldn't know what to 'dream'? :-)
    Priyanka said...
    Nice. Congrats!
    Bit Hawk said...
    Good that you always have two options :D

    oh yes, big idiots we were! I am surprised what I would have come up with if someone had asked why I wanted to do IAS :P

    No such big plans. I dislike tv as such, watching myself on it would be complete torture! :D

    @krupa, spunky monkey, parijata, priyanka
    Thanks! :)

    I too loved bus tickets terribly as a kid. I had a huge collection of colored tickets, many of them picked up from bus stands!

    I dont have any plans to do any tech posts here. Had planned to open a separate tech blog sometime back, was too lazy to pursue it.
    Soumia said...
    Congrats. i loved 'i dont have a dream' bit.Ic an easily relate to it.I always knew what i dont want to be.

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