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Ravi Shastri is a great commentator, or so he thinks. Its not too surprising when someone is in the company of Sanjay Manjrekar, Arun Lal and the likes. And lets not forget, he was the inventor of that historic phrase - "The last thing the team needs at this stage is a run out". As if there would be some stage when "run out" will move up in the "necessary" list. Well, anyways!

Thank heavens, his statements are not as ridiculous as Arun Lal who would say - "Rameez, I reckon when the required run rate keeps shooting up like this, the batsmen have to get the boundaries".

But, Shastri provided ample entertainment last night at the IPL finals presentation ceremony.
"Ladies and gentlemen, on stage we have Sharad Pawar, president of Board of Control for Cricket in India, Lalit Modi - Chairman and Commissioner of IPL,......., Sharad Pawar - president of Board of Control for Cricket in India"
With so much (repeated)attention showered, no wonder Pawar was a happy man!

Shastri to Yusuf Pathan: "You scripted a fabulous win! Were your nerves jangling when you went out to bat?"
Yusuf Pathan: "Hh Hh Hh"
Yusuf Pathan took almost two minutes before he said a comprehensible word. He looked like a mixture of Yuvraj Singh facing a Murali doosra and Saurav Ganguly completing a third run.
Yusuf Pathan: "Bowlers ne acche performance diya. Shane-bhai ne accha dekh baal kiya. Hh Hh Hh..."
Shastri was visibly disappointed that Pathan did not pick the "scripting" and "jangling" part of it and promptly switched over to hindi.
Shastri: "Jab aap batting karne ke liye aaye, kya aap nervous thae?"
Yusuf: "Mashallah, main nervous thaa. Par main Watson se baath kartha raha"
Now, if Yusuf could not understand the "scripting" and "jangling" bit of Shastri, funny how he understood the "maete", "baetsman" accent of Watson?

Javed Miandad had a long standing record of the most ridiculous english speaking Pakistani. My favorite of Miandad's has always been - "The team play well. All batsman plays well. And bowlers plays well".
Sohail Tanveer grabbed that record to his kitty along with the purple cap.
Shastri: "Terrific match Sohail. Were your nerves jangling during the final over?"
Sohail shook his head rigorously and mumbled something that was as unplayable as his bowling. What a fitting response to Shastri's overused "jangling" statement!

Last but not the least, while introducing the Chennai Super Kings players when they were out to receive their medals:
"Makhaya Ntini. Terrific athlete. Great performance today. He has added color to this Chennai Super Kings".
Now, did anyone else found that statement unintentionally racist? Or is it just me? :D


  1. Venu said...
    Did you record the presentation ceremony or is your memory still that good :)

    Ah sohail, not sure why he tries so hard..
    much like his bowling style I guess :)

    Did notice the "racist" comment and hats off to your memory !
    soumia said...
    i'm all for good humor.racist or not!.
    Avi said...
    I too heard the last comment on Ntini and it was the same thought that came up in my mind!
    Nikhil said...

    Thanks for the comment on CircusMouse.

    Adanna nimma blogroll alli add maadodu good idea na?!
    Sayesha said...
    Hahahaha! Awesome list! I remember some ex-cricketer commentator looked at the huddling players and said, "The players are now cuddling in the field." HAHAHAHAHAHA! :D
    Shaan said...
    Really a great and funny list.......

    IPL will be in the mind of people for all these stuffs, much more than that of cricket.
    Bit Hawk said...
    I didn't remember the exact words, but yeah pretty much the gist of it.

    Its impossible to make politically correct humor, alwa?


    You have some nice PJs in your blog.

    Haha...never heard that "cuddling" comment. I am sure I would have remembered that if I had seen that match :)

    IPL is like a masala movie - its all about fun!
    Anonymous said...
    I am laughing still. I loved all the posts in your blog. Write on!

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