Terrorist (to his wife): Honey, I am going out for lunch with a few friends.
Wife: Okay fine. So you dont need your "tiffin box" today?


Terrorist in Delhi (TiD) calls his friend Terrorist in Chennai (TiC)
TiD: Hows you dude? How was the weekend?
TiC: Pretty boring machcha. Did nothing. Stayed home all day. How was your weekend?
TiD: Awesome. We had a blast!


  1. Anonymous said...

    i want to laugh, but u knw that lil boy.. makes me feel so sad.

    and nice new look.
    Bit Hawk said...
    It was never meant to make one laugh! It was just a way to vent out my anger.
    Mona said...
    so its the wives who are the 'real' culprits eh? :D

    Yea, terrorism of any kind sucks!

    Thanks for the visit at my blog!
    Trailblazer said...
    Light humour. Nice

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