One of the items I terribly enjoy on radio is "Life In Bengalooru With Rajni Sir" on Radio One. I "simbly" love it, as Rajni says. My guess is that its RJ Prithvi, but I am not too sure.

I have been meaning to do my take on it from a long time but it took this long for the idea to become a post.
I am personally not too happy with the outcome, but then I had a whale of a time recording and re-recording this stuff. Here it is...wachchaww!!!

Please drop a comment if you liked it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    ONE :-)

    These are nice... Not upto ur usual standards though....

    I like the spontaneous renditions much more !!

    - Diya
    Anonymous said...
    mama...chennagiey..Vinayanandha Paramahamsa.

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