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Ever thought of making some smartass comment and then you realized that there is no one near you at the moment to share?
Ever wondered if sending a (what you thought was) great SMS would really be welcomed by the people in your recipient list?

This, my friends, I think is the biggest thing that drives humans in this generation. The necessity to be heard, recognized, their presence acknowledged has driven us to many online inventions of the last decade. You may call it cultural interaction, knowledge sharing, creative collaboration or whatever fancy names the IIM types can come up with. But, deep down, its just this human instinct.

I know I know, twitter has been there from a long time. I have decided to become a better-late-than-never adopter.
You can follow my tweets here:

Those of you who decide not to use twitter, the widget on the right column below "About Me" would ensure that you wont miss the fun.


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