Complicated Affiliations

I saw this at the MG Road - Brigade Road Junction.

He is the president of "Karnataka Tamil Bhasha Kannadigara Sangha". Can it get any complicated than this?

P.S: For some weird reason, the image is not displayed in blog, but is appearing properly in RSS Reader and Email. Here is the link to the image:

Nobody commented that they are not able to see the image.   It means no one is visiting my blog now or everyone has switched to RSS / Email subscription!


  1. Diya said...
    :-) Proof that I still keep peeping in, hoping to see a new post
    Bit Hawk said...
    I am sure this does not qualify as a "post". You have meant something concrete in terms of writing, right? There are lots of "can-write"s but no "have-to-write"s, so that is where most of my ideas are losing steam :(

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