My new video: Muktha Muktha

If you happen to be a Kannadiga, the chances of "Muktha Muktha" being a part of your life somehow is inevitable. Though nowhere near T N Seetharam's previous creations, it is still the best Kannada serial by a long shot - and that explains why it is the opium of my dad's generation; to me, its something you end up watching while having dinner, and more importantly an opportunity to make a video :)

This is the first time I have recorded something at a professional setup. The recording was done at Janasri studios, and the entire team was so helpful and encouraging, they could not have made an amateur's first attempt any smoother. Thanks a lot folks!


  1. mouna said...
    if u ask me, it's very boring. i'm glad i didn't watch a full episode. it's frustrating to see the same stuff again and again. it's time the director realises this or i guess he'll never realise.
    Bit Hawk said...
    Whats boring? The serial or my video? ;)
    Anonymous said...
    It's nice to see original (and non-mimicry) humour getting screen space.

    Keep up the good work! :)
    rk said...
    hilarious, vasuki! enjoyed it thoroughly!!

    i wish you really dissect many other programs...there is scope for you to make spoofs on different topics.

    please do one on TV9 style of reporting!

    the way you mimicked CSP was awesome!

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