To Bangalore...

On the way from office to home...

A young Muslim woman wearing red stilettos beneath black burqa, crosses path with a middle aged uncle wearing formal pants and sports shoes.

A political party hoarding (with the mandatory faces of 50 supporters) wishing the citizens of a happy St.Mary's Feast and Ganesha Festival.

The trees decorated with cheap pamphlets that read "Web site and software development". The same trees that accommodated "Work Part Time/Full Time - SSLC/PUC/Degree - Pass/Fail" and "Lose Weight, Gain Weight in 30 days" not so long ago.

Three cobblers working tirelessly, right next to one of the biggest malls in India.

A brand new SUV and a rusty "No Parking" sign sharing a quiet moment, escaping the watchful eyes of "Police Maama".

Street dogs having a peaceful nap, blissfully oblivious of the chilly weather and the noisy vehicles.

A "40 p / 60 p" Xerox shop, sandwiched between an "A/C Multi-cuisine restaurant" and an amusingly named tea shop called "Cutting Chai +"

The delightful aroma of "dhoopa" from a temple nearby, effortlessly beaten by the delicacies of an Iyengar Bakery.

Me listening to Nitin Sawhney's "Moonrise" on my antique iPod, and my cab driver enjoying "Ammaate Ammaate" on FM Radio - both sharing silence and the same dusty ring road air.

Color. Life. Chaos. Madness. Variety. Contradictions. A thousand worlds co-existing.

Dear Bangalore - you amaze me, you frustrate me, you mesmerize me, you annoy me, you shock me, you seduce me.
But you will never ever bore me!


  1. Sanjay M said...
    Lovely read :)
    soumiamp said...
    Nice read. I completely agree with you. This is the reason why i haven't gone mad with all the honking.
    Bhuvan Eshwar said...
    Enjoyed the read! Awesome!
    Susheel Sandeep Murali said...
    guruve....hold on to this train of thoughts...develop madibitre no less than a Dhobi Ghat script ready agatte... loved it...
    Bit Hawk said...
    @Sanjay @Soumia @Bhuvan

    I am yet to watch Dhobi Ghat, so I cant be accused of plagiarism!
    mouna said...
    nice nice!

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