A what?

Two weeks after coming here, I had been to Walmart for the first time. I had to get many things for the apartment. After some unsuccessful minutes of wandering and searching, I decided to ask someone. I went near the billing counter and asked the old lady standing there.
"Excuse me, where can I get a foot rug?"
She went blank for a moment and asked, "A what?"
"Foot rug, which we put outside the door"
"Oh, a door mat, its right there in the next aisle". I was speaking English and the only language she knew was 'American'.
I picked up the cheapest foot rug available, as I anyway needed that just for three months.
Then I remembered I needed a dust bin too. These people might not know what a dust bin is. There must be some other term. I thought for a while and went to the same old lady at the counter.
"Hai, where can I get a trash can?"
"A what?", her expression was as blank as the last time.
"A Trash can, to put all the waste..."
"Gotcha, you want a dust bin, go straight and its right up there"

Sometimes, acting super smart just does not work. :)


  1. Raghu said...
    hehe...reminds of Murphy's law "Things always tend to go wrong." :)
    micromysore said...
    hahaha .. nice one !!
    Anonymous said...
    Smart we are, Samrt Asses we're not!.
    shark said...
    OK we don't speak Amrican english...
    but come on.. I am always surprised why they can't relate TrashCan = Dustbin!! Isn't it obvious :-/

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