December 2002.
It was when a lot of people were quitting the company where I was working. Everyday somebody used to come to my cubicle and say "Today is my last day...I have not yet decided where to join...well, keep in touch" Then, I think I had the concept in the back of my mind. While I was listening to some country song, I just happened to utter the line "Admiration's the name of the feeling that I had". I thought for a while and the second stanza was ready. By evening, I was done with the whole song (including the tune!)

Until late 2004, nobody was even aware of the existence of this song! One evening, there was power cut at my home and I recorded this song in my mobile out of sheer boredom (which I had intended to delete later and forgot!). My brother listened to the song the same weekend, when he was looking at my mobile and he kind of liked it. Even a few of his friends and some of my colleagues heard it and they also liked it. Finally, I developed great courage and sang it in a trip and also on the company anniversary day!

This song, by no means, is completely original. This is inspired by Kenny Rogers' "Coward of the county" (the rhythm), Jim Reeves' "He'll have to go" and Porter Wagoner's "Cold Hard Facts of life" (the mood of the song)

Download the song in mp3 format or zip format .
All of you, including those who have pledged never to leave a comment in their entire life, please give me the feedback.

PS: Volcano Girl is a fictional character!


  1. Avinash said...
    Hi Vasu,

    Sakkataagide ninna song!
    Fultoo country singer aagogideeya :-)

    Venu said...
    lo ee talentu ittidiya.. first time i am hearing you singing..

    nice one..but audio level was very low :)
    Anonymous said...
    fictional irbahudu..adre inspiration yaaru antha gothaaythu ...
    But song maathra sakathaagide..:)

    Anonymous said...
    This is one of your talents I cannot take credit for;)

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