Narcissistic comparison

I looked at him as I locked my computer on this friday evening. He was finishing the final few activities in the project, as he was supposed to leave onsite on another assignment.
I queued Anoushka's Yaman Kalyan and Kirwani back to back in my ipod and lifted my bag. He was playing some old country songs in his winamp, while his IDE was talking to cvs to check in the last set of files.

I entered the cab and removed my slippers. (Being barefoot makes me so happy!) He was tying the lace of his shoes - getting ready for his longest association with shoes, after his high school days.

He is 26, well, an year younger to me. I know him quite well. Its not surprising that we share the same name. People have told me that we are so alike (many can't differentiate between the two of us), but somehow I feel we are pretty different, in spite of all those similarities.

  • He has never seen snow, never been to skiing.
  • He has never heard Prem Joshua (Jeez, and he still claims to have a great collection of music!) Buddha Bar, latino music, Anoushka. He is so far away from the range of country songs and bhaavageethe that I have listened to.
  • He rarely watches foreign films - Good bad and ugly, Schindler's list, Life is beautiful being a few exceptions. I am atleast 300 movies older than him - he has not even heard of Shawshank Redemption, Memento, Amores Perros, Requiem for a dream, Pulp fiction etc. I have seen more Robert de Niro movies than the total number of english movies he has seen!
  • He watches television, though not as intensely as he used to ten years ago. I hate watching TV (perhaps the only proof to say that I am not an idiot!)
  • He thinks that namesdatabase and orkut are the same. (Can you believe that?)
  • He has no idea about cooking. I am more than a decent cook and almost an authority when it comes to egg noodles :)
  • He rarely utters four letter words (and the only word he uses is 'crap') My usage of four letter words can almost match Joe Pesci!

I go on comparing myself to him, and feel a sense of superiority.
But, at the same time, I realize that he was more peaceful, less complex person. I wish I was as tolerant as him - not getting irritated so easily, not saying f@*$ everytime I get stuck in a traffic jam!

The screeching sound of the bus brakes bring me back to reality. And I sense a 28-year old man with the same name as mine observing me very keenly!


  1. Venu said...
    haha :) good one :) .. anyway you seem to have watched a LOT of movies in 1 year :) almost 1/day !!

    No wonder you don't have time to watch TV :)
    Anonymous said...
    Why does this remind me of one of my blog posts?are you suffering from the magnetic fields as well?;)

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