The Difference

  • Cricket is a huge obsession in India.
  • Movies are an equal craze in this country.

  • India has played 646 ODI matches in 23 years. That would make around 30 ODIs per year.
  • Indian cinema makes about 1200 movies a year, Bollywood alone accounting for 200.

  • Cricketers and cricket establishment make tons of money, with zero professionalism.
  • Movie stars and producers earn billions making pseudo-emotional NRI Indianism garbage.

  • Half of the major brand ambassadors are cricketers.
  • The rest are film stars.

  • Our cricket is rarely world-class.
  • Our movies in general are nothing to write home about.

  • For all you time conscious people, a person watching all the India ODIs in one year spends 30*7=210 hours on cricket.
  • An average man in India watches at least one movie a week (either in cinema halls or television), which comes to 52*3=156 hours a year.

  • India had won the 1983 World Cup. There were a few other achievements like reaching finals of 2003 World Cup, beating Australia in a test series in Australia. Apart from that, our performance has been consistently inconsistent.
  • Indian movies have been nominated only 3 times in best films category in the history of Oscars, not once winning. I will be surprised if the statistics differs at other international awards.

  • One out of every three persons I talk to wants cricket to be banned in India, as if banning cricket for 10 years would make India the world beaters by 2017.
  • I am yet to meet a person who wants movies to be banned in India.

Why the difference? :)


  1. Krupa said...
    Cricket is very personal to Indians.It hurts them to see the team lose.
    Movies on the other hand..are used my most Indians to escape from their lives.They dont want existentialism.
    Bad movie-you can forget about it(unless ofcourse its as bad as Fanaa)...Cricket hurts your pride.see?
    bellur said...
    long time back, i was a cricket addict. at the trn of this millennium, realised how much precious time i have lost. have stopped watching and following the game ever since.

    liked this post. very well written.

    know what? next world cup ICC can save a lot of money by having just the opening ceremony, photo session and then presenting the WC to Australia. say what?

    happy blogging


    ps: you have been blogrolled.
    parijata said...
    I loved this post.
    And I am one person who wants movie-making also to be banned in India. The movies churned out are of such bad quality that they are an insult to one's intelligence.

    All the movie-makers should be made to take a break, and should be given at least basic lessons in Literature, Sociology and a couple of other subjects. (And poojaris should take a break and learn basic Sanskrit...) However, I guess that is too much to expect of them.

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