Rainy Night

"Its raining", shouted a colleague as he entered the floor.
"No!", I wince as I am getting ready to catch the cab.

I remember that I dont even have my raincoat. With due respect to the Yash Chopra brigade, I somehow dont like going out in the rain. I love watching the rains, but I dont like getting drenched in the rains. I always prefer drizzles. By the time I go down, the rain has stopped. Thank God! The smell of the soil hits me, I love it. The weather has never been this cool from a very long time. I get a window seat in my cab. I open the window, the cool breeze hits my face. The breeze is so powerful, that I can barely think. I listen to the albums "Sky Kisses Earth" and "Water Down The Ganges". Nothing suits a rainy day better than sitar. May be Santoor, only in some cases.

The day that comprised of working on traceability matrix, hot weather in the afternoon, having lousy lunch while FM played "Shakalaka lakalaka boom boom" (forgive me if the number of 'lakalaka' is wrong! I heard the police are using this song on tough criminals while interrogations!) was driving me nuts. The rainy night had really brightened my mood. The roads with potholes, chaotic traffic, those old lorries with brown color - somehow did not evoke the usual strong reaction from me.

Bangalore badly needed a rain. Me too.

The law of averages had to catch up!


  1. Krupa said...
    I love Bangalore when it rains!
    Venu said...
    "I heard the police are using this song on tough criminals while interrogations" So true :D

    I just watched "Namastey London" and HR as usual totally tortures you with his "melodies" (Adding to the pain was the totally screwed audio setup in Innovative Multiplex)
    Soumia said...
    Hi Vasuki, Thanks for the comment in my blog. Glad I left a comment on urs the other day. Your writeups are demotic and humorous, which I enjoy.
    I guess it might appear as though Iam leaving a courtesy comment. But it’s not, hence this messy explanation.
    Raghu said...
    Beautiful imagery of the travel in the cab. I love those moments too! :) The cool wind hitting you in the face, you are neither worried about the place from where you left as it is past nor the destination as it is in the future..but you just live in the present savoring music.

    I also agree with the sitar part. If you like sitar, try listening to Nikhil Banerjee (you may already have..). Though it is quite far from the fusion elements of Prem Joshua which you like, it is simply magical.

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