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Today was a cool breezy morning. The cloudy skies had the perfect script for sun's late arrival. The drizzle was very optimal to my comforts. Chamundi Betta looked as fresh as a girl just out of her shower. Everything was so perfect, it was almost like heaven. It would have been pure bliss on any other day.

Though there were a good amount of people, it was not suffocatingly crowded. You can easily categorize the people there.
I saw a bunch of college kids just out of their teens, talking non stop about latest mobiles, orkut and campus recruitment. They were blissfully ignorant of unhappiness. I cringed at their loudness. Or was it that I envied their exuberance and optimism?

The next type you can always encounter are those on the wrong side of their twenties, primarily the unfortunately-extant boring species called software engineers. I can easily bet my index finger that they talk nothing other than real estate prices, torturing managers and the dark unknown future that lay ahead. If you ask me how utopia will look like, I would say it wont have lorries and software professionals!

The old uncles will usually be wearing impeccably white colored full sleeve shirts, hair neatly combed and have thick rimmed glasses. They constantly talk about politics (the funny thing is that though all of them are pessimistic about the political future, nothing dampens their spirit to talk nonstop about it), children settled abroad, children who are about to go abroad, children who did not go abroad.

You will feel that the middle aged women in those incredibly faded chudi daars are the ones who know and talk on an array of subjects, till you realize that all those things are part of a couple of night time serials. Just walk by their side for an hour, you will get the monthly summary of Minchu, Preethi Illada Mele and Manthana!

The world which would have otherwise amused me looked like an irritating collection of stereotypes. I was getting angry for no reason at all.

I know its not the world, its me. When you are feeling rotten inside, even Scarlett Johannson will not look attractive!


  1. krupa said...
    written very well!You sound poetic and depressed!

    Why all this venom?talk it out....I know you want to be in your cave and sulk..but since it has not worked out so far..try the Venus way;)
    Avinash said...
    Hi Vasu,

    Hoon kano jeevandalli ashtondu variety janru sikke sigthaare...
    You sounded annoyed by a number of people talking the stereotypical!
    Aadre avella bittu Chamundi Betta hatthutha madyadalli ondu bande inda Mysore nodbodalla, adu sakkat ishta... aramaagi koothkondu nodtha irbodu :-)
    "Better to ignore what you dislike and think about what you would enjoy" - quoted by Avi ;-)
    mouna said...
    grouping people into catogaries as u've done is interesting. it's fun too, when u visit a place or when one has to wait.
    priya said...
    hi thanks for visiting my blog..this post is interesting, i too tend to categorise people and get irritated with them..after some point of time i have come to realise that i have lost the patience to tolerate people who do not appreciate the place for what it is and tend do be distracted by some other thing...said this i still get irritated and so walk the other way :)
    Bit Hawk said...
    I thought a hundred times if I should really write this. Well, good that I posted it, I would have missed being complimented as 'poetic'!

    Not sure whats bothering me, there are lots actually. I tried the venus way too, did not help...I am searching for neptunians and jupiterians to offers a better solution! ;)

    I was not exactly angry at the stereotypes, I was just angry thats it. May be with myself I suppose.

    Grouping people and building some imaginary story around them is a favorite pastime for me. Show me a crowd and I can easily come up with enough material for a trilogy!

    I tend to get irritated very easily. I know I should be more patient, well, I can also say the world should be more sensible! :)
    Soumia said...
    Well I feel that we have started patronizing the miseries.
    Dont fret.U r not alone though.
    Get a new hairdo.It might help u to concentrate more on urself.;)

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