8 Random Facts About Me!

Venu has tagged me to write 8 random facts about myself. If you are self-obsessed and running out of ideas to write a post, is there any better option than getting tagged? ;)

Okay, here it goes!

1) I love black n white photos very much. Its a great pastime in our home to browse through very old albums. Even now, I take at least a few black n white photos with my camera. Sepia is my second favorite. Color photos are a distant third.

2) I had diphtheroid at the age of 8. I was easily prone to cough, cold and fever at that age and I could not go out without a monkey cap. From then on, I've been taking Homoeopathy medicines and my resistance has increased dramatically. Now I constantly eat at hotels and roadside chats and I rarely fall ill (apart from the occasional visit from that dear old friend called 'common cold'). The cap has gone, the monkey stays!

3) I learnt cycling when I was 10. After a very minor accident, I had not tried cycling for 3 years, till I got myself a red Hero Ranger when I was in class 8.

4) My first memory of mimicking was when I was 9. I had learnt to mimic my science teacher. Having the image of a good, studious boy (surprising how I got that!) I was scared if my teacher comes to know of the mimicking. After that, I have mimicked my family members, teachers, friends, movie stars, television people etc. I honestly think I am a very very ordinary mimic. But, I am a great "observer" though.

5) I am scared of dogs. And cats. I hate holding or touching them. Anything that has 4 legs, restlessly fast and has the ability to lick. I am not too scared of cows or donkeys or horses though. The only tolerable pets are fishes, which are neither obtrusive nor the "licking" types!

6) I thought I believed in God till I was 22. I was actually scared of God. Now, I am an almost agnostic I guess. I am not the "Nooru devaranella nookaache doora" atheist. I love being part of Ganapathi Habba and listening to that very entertaining story called "Symanthakopakhyaana". But now, I don't ask anything from God. There may exist a God, there may not be - and it does not matter too much either way. I am no longer scared of God. I know I can screw up my life far better than an angry God!

7) The first computer I had, had a 512 MB hard disk (not RAM my friends, hard disk!) and a 6 MB RAM. The second computer had a 8 GB hard disk (the capacity I thought was too huge and useless) I thought that people who have more than 1 GB songs are insane. Now, I have a computer with 160 GB hard disk, an external one of 250 GB - both almost full and I have around 60 GB of mp3s and I have never felt as sane or inadequate.

8) I used to paint a lot as a kid. I was not so good at mixing colors or giving shades, though I enjoyed my ordinary paintings very much. Most of my paintings and my brother's outrageous paintings are compiled by my parents, which is a great thing to go through on a lazy saturday evening.

Okay, now I tag Vedu, Krupa, Soumia, Vijay, Shruthi to write on 8 random things about themselves!


  1. krupa said...
    its actually quite difficult to think of 8 facts about yourself.I feel its better if someone else wrote about you...but will give it a try!
    Hip Grandma said...
    nice list.but some are not so weird when you think of it.thanks for your comment at my blog.How did you eind me?
    shark said...
    thanks for visiting my blog. And that's a nice list :)
    I liked point # 2 :P

    I know I can screw up my life far better than an angry God!

    Candy Barr said...
    I still have my original computer that was a 128 MB hard disk. I had it booted to 512 MB with external drive years later! I still like some games on it: Scarab of Ra and a 3D Tetris. I made maple syrup labels with it in 1986 -a drawing of a sap bucket on a tree with border.
    As an artist I wouldn't worry about mixing the colors so much, I tag you to make some more paintings! Pick up where you left off with the exciting "ordinary" paintings!
    rekha said...
    it will be difficult for any one to list those factors.u seem to have done it effortlessly good
    Bit Hawk said...
    Thanks for trying. I knew you could have written even if it was 80 facts!

    @hip grandma
    Thanks for the comments.

    @candy barr
    Hmm I would definitely think about giving painting a try again.

    No its not too tough. Any self-obsessed person can do it quite easily! ;)
    mouna said...
    black and white pics, me too. not many fancy them.
    Ankur said...
    wow thats an interesting list from an interesting man... :)
    Sophie said...
    Cool blog!!!

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