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Disclaimer: Good understanding of Hindi, English, Kannada is recommended. And absolute tolerance towards non-sense is mandatory.

I was just thinking about how some proverbs have multiple meanings when you interpret it using multiple languages.

There is a proverb in Kannada called "Hani hani kooDidare haLLa" (Same meaning as "little drops of water makes a mighty ocean")
Hani = Drop; haLLa = Water body
Now, "hani" sounds exactly like "honey". "Honey" is a term used to address a very lovable female (or male depending on your gender and orientation!) Now "Honey honey kooDidare" means adding many such lovable females to your list - which means having multiple affairs. "haLLa" can also be interpreted as in "haLLa hidyadu" which means "to be in ruins". So, this proverb also means that multiple affairs are not advisable.

Have you noticed that people from different countries have different body shapes? To be more specific, butt size varies from one race to the other. The asians (excluding the Indians) have the smallest butt sizes - you can almost call them non-existent! Next comes the Indians, followed by the Caucasians. Africans undoubtedly have the biggest butt sizes. There is a beautiful hindi proverb that sums it all up:
"Jaisa des waisa base" ;)


  1. micromysore said...
    I not sure of the Indians vs Caucasians .. I think desis are second :) .. after africans .. I guess this depends on the subset you look at ..
    Kadalabal said...
    iga yake jasti manu honey gala vishaya sir?? hallakke biddre aligondu kallu anthare
    nice comparision of hani and halla to honeygalu and ruins
    deshakke takka hage vesha hage even in india u can find the difference between north,south,East and west in features
    north or sough u r the best

    Anonymous said...
    This comment is not particular to this blog.. Its purely to appreciate your amazing talent. Kudos to the power of your words. Awesome!I have been religiously reading your blogs for quite a while now... Lage Raho boss!!You are born to blog!
    Bikerdude said...
    Yenri bakery ittideera?
    (Idhu bake itha antha):)

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