Parijata has tagged me to list five posts of mine with the following subjects:

Family I have rarely written about my family. The only one I could find was the visit to Chamundi hills with my brother.

Friends There are very few posts I have written about my friends too :( Now I feel like I am too self-obsessed than what I originally thought myself to be. The only post I could find was one of the conversations I had with my friend Bata.

Myself My blog is too full of myself, but there are only few posts that I love when I read it again at a later date. My first earthquake was definitely one of them. The history behind my name is another. And how can I forget Crime Diary that made me quite famous :)

My love If "My love" means the usual "My love", I have not blogged about that ;) But, let me interpret this in a generic way as something I love - and yes, you guessed it right, it has to be movies! I like India's contribution to world cinema and of course my blog post on Woody Allen (no, I tell it for one last time - he is not my alter ego ;)) I thought Jodha Akbar was quite funny too.

Anything I like For some reason, I like this attempt at story writing.

Now I tag Bikerdude, Madhuri, Soumia, Venu, Krupa.


  1. parijata said...
    Thanks for doing this tag.
    Venu said...
    ah tagged again !! how do i dig through my 340 posts :) will try ..

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