"They now have boards all around this place"
"Look at this Mantapa-like was not there when we were here right?"

"They now have the reception in the entrance lobby"
"Sad. Guys can no longer sit and chat on the katte"

"I still remember my first day here. I had come to pay the fees"
"I had met you at the same place. I had asked you where 'B' section was"
"Oh is it? I dont remember that"

"Computer labs have not changed."
"Hey, this was my cobol lab. Uff, how I used to get tense before those lab exams"

"'V' madam is still here. She is a senior lecturer now"
"Yeah, she was beautiful"

"Is that BCJ?"
"I think so, he used to take physics, right?"

"They have mesh all around the PS block"
"Even the place where we used to sit is blocked"

"Remember this cycle stand?"
"Of course, here is where we had taken HL's photo ;)"

"PS block. Whats the first thing that comes to your mind?"
"Definitely MM. She had sung 'Raat Shabnami' in Jayciana. Do you remember when we had seen her first?"
"Not sure. Was it near the stairs?"
"No. Dont you remember? We were in the drawing class. She was sitting outside on a bench. Maroon color dress. Aah!"

"Cycle stand seems very organized now."
"Yeah, it has lost its charm"

"Given a choice to live your college life again, would you live it the same way?"
"Yes, mostly the same way. May be I would read better for the exams. You?"
"Hmm, I would live it very differently. I feel I was so stupid then."

"I think its getting late. Shall we move?"
"Yeah. Oh crap, I should have got my camera"

I had been to my college today with my friend Bata. Still feeling a bit nostalgic and reflective, I have randomly compiled some conversations that we had.


  1. micromysore said...
    awesome lo .. those good old days ..
    remember the 2nd from last bench ..
    bata used to get caught .. always no matter who was talking me you or jebar ..
    bata's un-rivalled devation towards MM .. what abut that rating sheet .. cant remember what it was .. best .. you being the topper for the first sem ;-) in the univ .. how the numbers for the each subjects were intelligently cooked up .. hehehehe.. those good old days :P
    Raghu said...
    cool compilation Vasuki!
    A visit to college is sure to make one nostalgic... :)
    Humbaa said...
    Didn't you have any big trees in the compound? We had a big tree in our BVB college (for shady activities under the shade :-) )
    It was the rendezvous point for all "humb hudugru".It was also called 'Bodhi Vruksha' by some.Goofy and sometimes great ideas originated there. Freshers joining the college were dead scared to pass by that tree for fear of ragging by 'THE GANG'. After the first year, students felt a sense of tremendous power after being automatically entilted for a place under the tree.
    It was intoxicating.
    I like that tree...
    Linelogic said...
    No compilation of the topics discussed..........the topics chosen to discuss were are very oriented....... ;-) ?!

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