I am angry...

Last friday evening...
9.30 PM : Still in office, attending a client conf call
10.30 PM : Call ends...got into a citi taxi...heading towards majestic
11.10 PM : Got into the 'Airavata' bus at the bus stand
1.30 AM : Reached Mysore...passing in front of the beautiful Mysore Palace...I take a look at the Chamundi hills even in that semi-sleeping state
1.50 AM : Having dinner at home (or is it saturday breakfast?)
I just get this thought - that had there been no call, I would have been home on friday night itself, rather than on saturday early morning...

This friday evening...
6.15 PM : No client conf call today...good! I can reach home on friday night itself :)
8.25 PM : Can you believe it? I miraculously reach majestic, the bus taking a painful 40 mins from Corporation to Majestic (The irony of physics being, even 5 kmph is considered the 'speed' of the bus!)
9.30 PM : No signs of any bus at the Mysore platform (The guys behind the counter, as usual, give no details about the bus) A 'Mysooru Mallige' comes along. No! I dont want to go in that zero-leg-space, sleep-unfriendly bus. I stay in the platform. Still no signs of a deluxe/volvo bus. I see 2-3 deluxe buses for smaller places like Sirsi and Kumta. Whats wrong with Mysore? My restlessness is slowly turning into anger. I switch on the ipod to divert my frustrated mind. I finish listening to the entire Buddha Bar 1 collection (starting with my current favorite - Sida Vodjani's "Straight to the heart")
10.30 PM : A 'Mayura' bus is in the platform, when I was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The bus takes another 35 mins to depart.
11.05 PM : A couple of spanish songs later, I am asleep.
1.35 AM : Reached Mysore, proceeding to the pre-paid auto stand. Some old man is quarreling that the rate decided by the pre-paid stand is wrong. Some more minutes wasted. Finally I get into an old auto (must have been from an era when people used basic for programming) The auto driver unusually takes a relatively longer route to my home (and of course, the gas gets over midway and he changes it there!)
2.00 AM : Reached home! I feel clueless and stupid.

I am still angry. Why is the world where I live so chaotic? Why is it that I have to spend so much of my energy on unwanted things? Or have I become so impatient and intolerant?


  1. Venu said...
    You should never go to any place far on a friday evening in bangalore..its pathetic..and this weekend was a "looooong" weekend..no wonder u didnt get any bus :)
    Vedu Joshi said...
    summane madve madkondbidu, intha yaav yochne nu baralla :))

    athvaa yochsakke time iralla ;)
    Anonymous said...
    car thogondbitre?

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