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Have you observed, that in almost all the Andhra-style restaurants, they would have placed the plantain leaves on all the tables. If you happen to order anything other than meals, they would remove the leaves and get the plates. Dont you think this is highly inefficient? They can have the plantain leaves only for those people who happen to order for meals, after taking the order.

Why is such a highly infficient method so widely used? Please enlighten me if you know the answer.


  1. Vijay said...
    I didn't sww this seemingly stupid mannerism in 2 of the Andhra restaurants I happened to frequent. But in case they do that I can only think that it is one way of discouraging people to choose anything else other than meals for the reason that it will require assigning of a cook for that special meal and is economically a poor return on the amount of investment as against the usual meal that is prepared in bulk.....
    Venu said...
    Probably its all about margins and profit and meals seems to be the best/quickest way to get you out of the restaruant, With this they can have more number of customers/day :)

    But again contradicting my previous view, what I have observed is that most people who go to Andhra restraunts do prefer the meals and those guys want to take credit for making a good guess of this :)
    Humbaa said...
    Andhra restaurants are famous for full rice meals.So majority of them are 'full meal' customers.
    It's also the cheapest item available(25 - 40 Rs). Have you noticed the price of the North Indian dishes in those hotels. Its quite expensive and sometimes the quality is pathetic.
    On a lighter note, the hotel chaps
    can also save on plate washing expenses. Disposal of plantain leaves is easy. The dogs also like plantain leaves strewn in the bins:-)!
    Anonymous said...
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