Woody Allen writes in one of his books "Side Effects":
Q: How long should a man's legs be?
A: Long enough to reach the ground!

I had not laughed that hard while reading something in a while. Had planned to write a post on "Annie Hall". Did not have any time off late. Will do soon. Hopefully!


  1. Avi said...
    Thats a really good piece of writing :-)
    Funny and witty at the same time...
    Anonymous said...
    I am (re) reading Woody Allen's "Complete Prose". I think of you every time I read a joke. I think I like Woody Allen better as a writer!

    Sadly some of his best jokes(acc to me) are not famous at all...
    Bit Hawk said...
    Expected, when its from Woody himself!

    I think he is equally good as a writer and a film maker. You have watch some of his not so famous movies to appreciate how good and varied a film maker he is - Love and Death, Zelig, Stardust, Interiors, Match Point - each so different from his famous neurotic stereotype.

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