At the lunch table last friday, a colleague's mobile beeped. Twee Twee SMS. He picked up his mobile and read out the message:
"Hey buddy, I am planning to throw a party to all my friends tonight. Please attend it without fail. Venue Taj Hotel".
A few of them laugh.
I feel sick.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I was waiting for this one...Knew it would be here sooner rather than later.....

    Anonymous said...
    Well if you felt sick about the SMS, then why was there a post mocking the blasts at Delhi which went by name Coversations ... talk about hypocrasy !
    Bit Hawk said...
    Could not help writing this one!

    First of all, I was not joking or "mocking", to use your words, about the Delhi blasts when I wrote the post "Conversations". I was very angry and it was a (may be a pathetic) attempt at satire. I could not see any sarcasm or satire in the way the SMS was written, it was more like the college guys kinda immature humor like "dude, drive carefully, tomorrow is sunday, and if the bus hits you by any chance we would miss the holiday!" [which we also used to say in college, but now I find it immature] I dont claim that I am never hypocritical, but in this case I was not (If I was, I would not have written this post)
    Anonymous said...
    bit tade to buy, good try at justification though !

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