I'm standing in the noisiest street
Searching for a bit silence
Its way too crowded out here
And all I need is some oxygen.

Some say hi as they walk past me
Few smiled and spoke nice words
The handshakes, the smiles and hugs
Made me feel more pathetic.

Couldn't stay for long, I had to run
But didn't move an inch
Is the whole world against me
Or am I on a treadmill?

Feel like I'm falling off a deep cliff
Gravity reduced by a tenth
All the cacophony around me
Fused into a symphony.

I am too tired of the journey
And only a few breaths left
All of a sudden I realize that
I was looking at a huge mirror.

PS 1 : If this does not make any sense, congrats! You are in perfect mental health.
PS 2 : This is not a poem. Its just a combination of non sense and new line characters, for better readability.


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