Oh God!

"He is a good person, sir. Very God fearing man", the old man was saying to his friend.
"Stupid!", I almost said it aloud, as I heard this conversation.

This is not the first time I was hearing something like this. And every time I come across a statement like this, I feel as irritated. Belief in God is the personal choice of anyone, just like brand of denims he wears or the drink he loves. What has goodness of a person got to do with his belief in God? Don't you think its stupid? Its as meaningless as saying "He is a good person, he has brown eyes" or "He is a good person, his favorite color is green". Stupid!

I know what you're going to say if you think I am wrong. That belief in God instills a fear in man that prevents him from doing bad things. You may be right to some extent. But, I feel being a good person because of awareness or self-thinking is much much better than being a good person out of fear. Long time back, even I was scared of Gods (the attitude you have towards a horrible manager, who has the ability to screw up your appraisal :)), but I am no longer scared of God (assuming that God exists). I don't ask anything from God. I don't think there has been any difference to my 'goodness' factor. I don't know if God exists, and it makes very little difference to me either way. I am an almost agnostic!

Hopefully, someday I would listen to some old gentleman talking - "He is a good person sir, because he is good".


  1. micromysore said...
    typecasted ;-)
    Anonymous said...
    I so agree with you:)

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