In love with K900

"I should go to Chamundi hill sometime".
Perhaps, I had got this thought over a hundred times in the last year. I generally get this thought in Bangalore-Mysore bus on friday evenings, and I had not gone even once!

But, this time I got really disgusted with myself for getting this thought. Call it inaction, laziness, inertia, procrastination or any such crappy word. Whats the use of thought without action? I had to get out of that instant bad feeling. I will go to Chamundi hills tomorrow morning. 'But, getting early on saturday after a strenous(!) journey on friday night might be difficult', my mind made one last unsuccessful attempt to ruin my plans. No way, I am going tomorrow.

I get up at 6.30 AM and reach the base of Chamundi hills. The weather is cool, perhaps the sun planned for a delayed rise over the weekend. "When you are determined, the whole world conspires to help you", I said to myself. There are very few people there, in fact there are more monkeys than people. Less people, less noise, more space - the perfect recipe for my happiness. I turned on my ipod and started climbing the steps.

Prem Joshua had barely finished playing "Shiva Moon", I was near the 100-mark, gasping for breath. Is it the lack of practice? Lack of fitness? Or am I getting real old? I rest for a few minutes and again start climbing. Again at 250-mark, I was as tired as Javagal Srinath on a continuous 6-over spell! One more small break for rest and I am feeling real better now. I reach 600-mark without a break. I sleep on the katte there for a few minutes. Bliss!

The sugarcane juice stall near the Nandi is still not open. A bit thirsty now, I continue the journey. I stop near 900-mark, there is a small passage, that leads to a place where we can sit and see almost entire Mysore. The solitude, the cool breeze, Joshua playing "Secret Place" - simply meditative! I love looking at places from the top - its as if you suddenly have a change of perspective! I sit there for 10 awesome minutes. I am completely in love with this location and I have named it as 'K900' (Kallu bande near 900-mark)

I have done this for the last 2 weeks. But, I am not sure how long will I continue this. I am playing an interesting triangular series with my laziness and my life. And I have a huge reputation for losing in crunch situations. But, who cares? All that matters is the joy of playing!

After all, mornings are not as bad I had imagined! And I have one less reason that makes me feel pathetic!


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    Anonymous said...
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    Vedu Joshi said...
    Vishwas used to do the first 700 steps and back in about 18 minutes i guess....

    I never dared to try :-S

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