I am quite a cricket fan myself and I love watching and playing cricket (arguably the best left handed batsman of Kuvempunagar ;))
I don't care if it is a test match or one-day, Indo-Pak series or World Cup. I can even watch the galli cricket, as I adore the art in the game. Its the poetry in the game that appeals to me.

I always considered that Indian cricket team consists of some amazing players, but we are nowhere near when it comes to a good team.
We have never won convincingly for too long and we are never predictable (Its not just a problem with India, but all the sub-continent teams)
Off late, India have been playing pretty badly (as bad as they are capable of) and we are seeing intense reactions from the "fans".

I somehow don't understand many of the logic behind the anger of the "fans"!
1) The most stupid statement I hear very often is "Cricketers are playing badly because they are concentrating too much on advertisements". Come on, can anyone explain this to me? Why will the shooting of an ad, probably for a day or two, when no cricket is being played, affects the performance of a cricketer? If that is the case, a team with the likes of Reetinder Singh Sodhi, Vijay Bharadwaj, Abey Kuruvilla and MSK Prasad would have replaced Australia as the Numero Uno team! Going by the same logic, has anyone observed a decline in the performance of Aamir Khan after he started as a Coca Cola brand ambassador? Stupid!

2) The whole country is shouting for the sacking of Greg Chappell. Not so long ago, the same fans wanted the sacking of Sourav Ganguly. It was the captain then, now its the coach! Why? Why nobody wanted the sacking of John Wright or why nobody now wants Rahul Dravid to be sacked? Just because John Wright was keeping a low profile and now Greg Chappell gets more media attention than Rahul Dravid. What nonsense!

3) If Kaif starts playing badly, why should his house be attacked and cow dung pasted on his photograph? Why are the "fans" so uncivilized? If someone plays badly for long, he will lose his place in the side sooner or later. Simple! Hey, by the way, why don't we attack Suniel Shetty's (Hope I got the spelling right!) house for giving flop movies by dozens!

With World Cup round the corner and the problems that Indian team has right now, we can expect more nonsense in the near future. Long live nonsense!


  1. Viji said...
    I agree completely with what u've written but for ur comparisons of cricketers and movie stars.Cricket happens real time on the pitch and there can be no retakes and cuts if things don work out well.U've got only one chance, whether u've got the mood to play today or not.
    Raghu said...
    I am not a great fan of cricket, but I do keep myself abreast of the recent matches etc..

    I agree with your argument that Indian fans are crazy. There is absolutely no reason why they should react like mad if India plays badly/Kaif plays badly etc..

    But, the decay goes further down. Now, why do Indian fans react the way they do? If we ask that question, there could be many interesting explanations. First of all, the way the media glorifies cricket. Some arbitrary player like Hrishikesh Kanetkar, just because he hits a 4 off the last ball in one match is declared the next Miandad and is hounded by advertisers ranging from Brittania to whatever. The bottom line is that media/advertisement is responsible for giving a position to cricketers that they don't deserve..and it does get on one's mind and affect performance really. I was recently seeing that Dhoni's earnings for the year was 160 lakhs or whatever (maybe inaccurate). With that kind of recognition, benefits etc., there is hardly any motivation. A substitute player gets 2 lakhs and odd per test match, even if he sits in the AC dressing room for 5 days! Probably they can introduce performance-based pay for cricketers..which would make them more focussed. Right now, they are like rich landlords of earlier days with nothing to do.
    Anonymous said...
    Paapa shettru en maadidrappa ninge ?? Why drag him in ?? :))
    Anonymous said...
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    john said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Dont blame kanitkaR.He was a gem of a cricketer and it was politics in team selection that cost him HIS CAREER..
    Anonymous said...
    Me, as a fan of kanitkar, would want him in IPL. I am sure, he ll perform
    Anonymous said...
    Ya i agree, kanitkar is still capable i think. Guys, y don u give him a chance?

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