Raja & Pinky

My deep "second innings sleep" of monday morning was disturbed by the familiar loud voice. The radio in the volvo bus had caught the signal of some number one radio station of Bangalore (Did you know that there is no "number two" radio station in Bangalore? Every channel claims to be number one!)

Harsha and Shwetha were as loud and incoherent as any RJs (I feel only Sunaina Lal is tolerable, for that contagious energy!) Their job was not only playing bad songs, but to give irrelevant solutions to unwanted problems of useless people. Some guy called Raja had mailed them about his problem!

Raja knew Pinky from the last two and a half years. It looked like they were in love. Or at least they were headed that way. From the last month or so, Raja was not able to talk to Pinky. He had mailed these experts to help him out!

Shwetha was shouting her lungs out "Should Raja wait for Pinky? Or should he forget her and get on with his life? For option A, SMS A to...okay Raja, here is a song exclusively for you...", when I started thinking what I would tell Raja if I ever meet him.

Mr. Raja, if Pinky was not reacheable on her mobile, may be she is using BSNL sim. Ask her to get Airtel or Hutch ;)
Did you try going to her home? If you don't know where she lives, you have wasted two and a half years. Forget it!
Don't you have any family or friends who could help you out? Why are you so dependent on these people with verbal diarrhoea?
Or is this just a way to become "famous"? Honestly, there is no other way you could be famous.
Have you ever thought how Pinky might feel about being discussed on air? If she is sensible, she will dump you for this stupid act of yours.
Who are those listeners who have the time, money, patience and typing abilities, who SMS to help Raja?

I cursed these RJs for their creative bankruptcy and made one last attempt to sleep.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Im a regular reader of ur blog but this one, though the right kinda topic, doesn't seem to have the 'Vasuki' punch in it, or atleast I think so.It seemed to be tending towards slightly banality(may b I should stop reading ur blogs for a while :) ). In my observation so far, I can tell you that you are a very good story teller but not that good a commentator.May be you should read RK Narayan(bcoz he has the same pattern of thought in weaving gr8 stories observing ppl around).
    Venu said...
    I beg to differ on what the anonymous commenter has said ..

    Its typical "Vasuki" style and I was nodding and laughing all the way to the end of the post and I totally agree on the "creative bankrupcy" point and its not just in radio's even Television has the same problem
    Anonymous said...
    Hmmm...makes me jealous to think that people feel so strongly about your blog:(
    I dont know....I think I feel so strongly about this topic..I would like anything written against the loud mouthed ill-mannered pests caling themselves RJs.
    The only RJ I ever liked was Darius!
    Particularly I hate the gal who calls herself "nimma mane hudugi"..what the hell does she mean by that?!?

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